Founded by two ex-McKinsey consultants, Rich Rosser & Nick Patterson, Movemeon helps a curated community of strategic and commercial professionals find freelance, interim and permanent roles across startups, PE/VC, corporates and consultancies. Take a look below to find out more about the team.


My wife, Kate, and I have 3 kids: Chloe, Sam & Jess. We've escaped London for some more space in the countryside, where you'll normally find us tackling never-ending laundry and gardening!

Richard Rosser

Enjoys most sports (now watching more than participating), and would love to one day complete the seven summits. Lives with Laura, his wife, and their dog, Luna, in Berkshire.

Nick Patterson

APAC & Europe business development team

Born & raised in Bavaria, fell in love with London. Passionate about hockey, interior design and her huskador Nemo.

Sabrina Reisch

Director - Europe

APAC consulting and growth experience from China to SE Asia and ANZ. Follows rugby and is learning guitar (extremely slowly).

Peter Clifton-Smith

General Manager - Asia Pacific

Originally from Germany, lived in France, Spain, and the US before falling for the Aussie beach lifestyle - staying for good! Sports and puppy enthusiast almost spends as much time in the ocean as on land.

Melinda Sorg

Head of Client Success - Asia Pacific

Originally from Congo, raised In France. Experience in Finance and recruitment. Fluent in French and English. Love traveling and watching movies. I am passionate about Football.

Ben Biduaya

Customer Success Manager - France

Born in Austria, passionate quizzer, moved to 4 different countries bringing her favourite garlic press with her and studies law for fun (really).

Sophia Hödl

Client Success Manager - DACH

Half German & Northern Irish who grew up in Munich and now lives in Brighton. Loves to hike, run and explore the best restaurants and pubs.

Sarah Cameron

Client Success Manager - DACH

Originally from Nigeria, moved to Germany and then to the UK. I am very passionate about inspiring people through gospel performing arts, which is why I sing and dance.

Lisa Okhaifo

Client Success Associate - DACH

French cliché food lover who loves and teaches scuba diving. I have a master’s degree in irony and am a happy mum of one Dogecoin, patiently waiting for Elon’s next tweet!

Morgane Farge

Growth Associate - France

RMIT grad and nature lover. Loves the dawn chorus of birds, volunteers for the Save Soil movement. Enjoys football and neo-noir movies.

Naveen Nagaraj

Success & Operations Associate - Asia Pacific

Born and raised in France with Italian origins, I am proud to say that I’m a cheese and wine lover. I’m also all about travelling, music, animals and enjoying a book in the sun.

Millie Hudry

Customer Success Associate - France

Growth team

Practiced growth strategist with 10 years consulting experience at Accenture and various boutiques. Oxford alumna, still living in hope that a degree in Archaeology and Ancient History will be of practical use in business someday.

Clarrie Wakeling

Director - Growth

Born in Houston, Texas with British and Dutch nationality, I’ve studied and worked in Switzerland and NYC before developing a career in London. Big Rugby fan, reader and a dedicated traveller

Michael Wilson

Growth Lead

Account management and sales professional in the recruitment sector from South Korea. Gaming nerd, piano player, cat lover and basketball fan

Ethan Cho

Growth Lead

Experienced recruitment and business development specialist. Passionate about golf & football with a keen interest in nearly every other sport. When possible I'm always on the lookout for new restaurants to try.

Oliver Buckner

Growth Lead

Originally from Norwich, a sports fan, hip-hop aficionado, occasional creative writer and lasagne addict.

Jack Fitch

Growth Manager

Born in Congo, moved to the UK aged 4. Family orientated and God-fearing with the desire to travel the world and swim with dolphins someday.

Gloria Ngolo

Growth Operations Manager

Born in Hong Kong with roots in Nepal, moved to the UK aged 11. Crazy about travelling, gaming and trying out new food - looking to start my own foodie blog.

Shimron Singh

Growth Associate

UK Client Success Team

Seasoned start-up and scale-up leader with consulting experience from Accenture Strategy. Competitive tennis player and car fanatic. Speaker of Spanish and French, teller of awful, drawn-out jokes.

Greg Caterer

Director - Client Success

Born in the Netherlands, moved to London aged seven. Trying to teach myself Dutch again!

Sabah Egeh

Head of Special Projects

Originally from Brunei Darussalam, lived in Devon before moving to London. Love photography, travel and my dog Mika.

Gabriella Ong

Head of Industry

Experienced start-up and scale-up strategist with a background in igloo-building and bad metaphors. German-Canadian based in London. Enthusiastic rower, runner and reader. Lover of figs and dry banter.

Olivia Johnson

Head of Freelance Success

Originally Moroccan, born in the UK. Love eating and cooking as well as all things travel (particularly South America). Random fact: I’ve rolled approximately 2000 burritos.

Laila Tahiri-Alaoui

Head of Advisory

Polish national by blood, a citizen of the world by heart. Studied law in three jurisdictions. Dogs and food lover, Taylor Swift's and Winston Churchill's fan.

Anna Jermak

Client Success Manager

Originally from Albania. Born in the UK. Travel enthusiast with an obsession in rating food in different countries/restaurants. Occasional painter.

Olta Kadriu

Client Success Manager

Spent a year living in New Zealand where I became a fully qualified commercial pilot. Slightly frustrated out of hours goalkeeper for the mighty Mermaid FC.

Will Moroney

Client Success Manager

Born in London with roots in Somalia. Literature Graduate and thus passionate about reading and therefore inherently curious. Lover of all things food, travelling and laughter!

Hadiya Warsame

Client Success Associate

Originally Algerian, moved to London in 2017, studied Business Management (Entrepreneurship), football addict, love travelling, I speak 3 languages (English, Arabic, French).

Ibrahim Gana

Client Success Associate

Born in raised in Berkshire, currently living in East London. Theatre enthusiast and fan of all things musical.

Alec Taylor

Client Success Associate

Marketing Team

Sport-obsessed BFG with a soft spot for a statement sock. Owner of the (part-time) office furball, Daffy. Questionable dancer but it's not stopped me yet...Happiest when in possession of a cup of tea!

Jamie Moroney

Head of Marketing

Migrated my way up to vibrant north London from leafy Surrey. Passionate about art, sustainability, DEI, and making noise as an out-of-hours drummer.

Clare Tsangari

Brand & Creative Lead

Grew up in Lake Como, before moving to London. Love art, travel, yoga and houseplants.

Silvia Mercadante

Growth Marketing Lead

Originally from Nigeria raised in France. Love traveling to discover other countries’ culture and cuisine. Passionate about reading and especially books on personal development.

Funke Moyegun

Marketing Lead - France

Born and grew up/raised in Germany. Also lived in Australia and Switzerland before falling in love with the London lifestyle. Passionate about travelling around the world, good food and any kind of sports.

Greta Funke

Marketing Growth Associate - DACH

Product Team

On a mission to decrease the number of bags of crisps eaten by the Movemeon team, I'm an Italian with a passion for food (of course!), yoga, and travelling.

Elisa Nicolini

Director - Product

Tech Lead with Full Stack expertise from India, Uttar Pradesh Binge watcher, Loves making ugly memes and bad jokes.

Ramakant Gangwar

Tech Lead

Born in Uttar Pradesh, India. A Full Stack developer who likes to play chess and is a big fan of the band Queen.


Senior Full Stack Developer

Computer science graduate with full-stack profile born in India Uttar Pradesh. I like gardening, music and love nature.


Senior Full Stack Developer

I enjoy travelling, playing cricket, chess and exploring food around the city.

Kartik Tiwari

UX Developer

Born and raised in Bangalore, India. Wife of a Research scientist and Mother to a cute angel called Lahanvi. A passionate gardener who also loves listening to soft music and watching Disney animated movies.

Divya Vijay G

Quality Assurance Analyst