Hired – Hugo explains his journey to Bullfinch Capital

Hired – Hugo explains his journey to Bullfinch Capital

Hugo, Founding Partner

Movemeon candidate spotlights are a series of articles focusing on our members’ journeys into new opportunities. Here, our member explains their career journey and how they used Movemeon to find her next role.

Bullfinch Capital’s new Movemeon hire brings 18 years’ investment banking experience with a long-term focus on clean energy.

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“Bullfinch Capital’s goal of investing in green energies to help fight climate change is an important one. A senior hire like Hugo, with extensive experience in impact investing and sustainability, is a perfect fit.”
– Sophia, DACH Client Success Manager

Please tell us about your earlier career.

18 years in investment banking in the main financial centres, followed by 8 years leading an impact investing vehicle focused in CleanTech, Clean Energy, Clean Mobility and Artificial Intelligence. Member of Investment Committees, member of the Board and Senior Advisor of several relevant institutional funds. Founder or co-founder of 5 startups.

What led you to apply for the role at Bullfinch Capital?

I was called by the person in Movemeon who led the hiring process and she told me that she thought my profile was a perfect fit. I took a look at the job description and their webpage and I found it very interesting.

Why did you make the decision to move jobs during the pandemic?

A combination of being in the process to sell my current project at that time and the attractiveness of the project brought to me by Movemeon.

How would you describe the experience of finding/starting a job during this time?

Finding was not difficult as it came to me, but from other people I know that it has been really difficult. Starting was not a problem as the team is really proactive and I was used to work remotely.

Do you have any advice for other people looking for a new job at a PE/VC fund?

There are many opportunities in the startup ecosystem. These companies are always looking for good people. Specially interested and needed are people with experience.

On the PE side, it is very difficult. Unless you already have strong experience and a proven track record, or you are super-junior, there are few opportunities.

How did you find the experience of being onboarded remotely? And if you had to give other people/companies one piece of advice for this, what would it be?

No problem at all on my side, as I was used to working remotely.

Did anything about the role change specifically because of COVID?

Only the remote work instead of in an office, but it has also allowed the company to save costs, which for a startup is important (especially in the early phase).

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