Hired – Matt Colebourne, CEO, explains his journey to Searchmetrics

Hired – Matt Colebourne, CEO, explains his journey to Searchmetrics

Matt Colebourne, CEO

Movemeon candidate spotlights are a series of articles focusing on our member’s journeys into new opportunities. Here, our member explains their career journey and how they used movemeon to find her next role.

Searchmetrics’ new Movemeon hire brings extensive digital marketing and sales/commerce industry leadership experience, including roles at DoubleClick, eSpotting and Trinity Mirror.

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sabrina client german team lead

“It’s been great working with you and I wish you “viel Glück” in your new role and for Berlin overall!”
– Sabrina, German Team Lead

Where did you start your career/where are you going?

I started my career as a developer, moved to sales/commerce and then onto general management as both COO and CEO.  I no longer think about where I’m going, I’m very happy where I am personally, but I do look for companies and teams and where they can go.  That’s what now motivates me rather than my own personal career progression.

What first attracted you to your new role, and why did you want a change?

The biggest attraction was the scale and opportunity.  The world changes very fast now and this creates opportunities for new players and puts pressure on existing businesses to continue to innovate and stay ahead.  In this context, Searchmetrics’ offering becomes indispensable; companies have to find a way to direct customers and prospects to their sites, which are rapidly outpacing their physical stores, and to put the right content in front of them to get them to engage.  So, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is no longer an esoteric, back-office function but moves front and centre in any marketing mix.  Add to that the fact that, now, we have the data to show companies where they fit in their marketplace, their Share of Voice or, if one is talking conventionally, their Awareness.  This is very exciting and the growth opportunities are huge.

I wanted a change as I had realised that being an advisor, investor and board director alone was not enough for me.  I wanted to get operationally involved again with a growing business with an exciting vision.

And finally, how has/will the move affect your work/life balance?

That might be a little more work-oriented for the next few months as I’m moving to Germany so will have less leisure time.  However, I’ve never worried about this score… it’s not so much about the time spent on one’s personal life as the intensity so, as I enjoy higher adrenaline sports and activities, I can get a refresh pretty quickly.

In your opinion, how does movemeon differ from other platforms/agencies?

I really liked the one-one consultative approach.  It felt like speaking with a bespoke headhunter rather than engaging with a  more traditional job board.

Through which of movemeon channels were you made aware of the role?

I had set up some parameters and this role perfectly matched my aspirations and dropped into my inbox.

How would you describe your experience as a member of movemeon?

Very positive.  Movemeon didn’t put lots of unnecessary and inappropriate roles in front of me but they did deliver.

What advice would you give to other movemeon candidates?  

Be very clear about what you’re looking for.  I think Movemeon works best where there is that specificity.

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