Why face to face meetings are still relevant in the digital age

Why face to face meetings are still relevant in the digital age

Movemeon has been expanding in Germany, Sabrina the German team lead has been running the area for a few months now, which gave her the perfect excuse to travel to Berlin to meet our clients as well as candidates. Germany is strong when it comes to consulting and there are great opportunities to be had here.

“It’s been great to meet these clients and candidates in person, especially when we’ve been in contact online for so long.”

First-hand experience

This trip has deepened my knowledge of consulting in the German market and gave me the opportunity to meet up with amazing start-ups in trendy Kreuzberg, have lunch-meetings with lovely HR-people from big corporates in Friedrichshain and also to grab coffees with our talented candidates all over Berlin.

Berlin has a great public transport system

Meeting our members/candidate’s

My main aim: Was to provide insight into movemeon, our process and to get to know candidates on a personal level, listen to their first-hand experience and what exactly they are looking for in their ideal job.

What we spoke about: They all provided great insights into their current roles and what their day-to-day looks like, and also how their career paths have been shaped after leaving consulting.

The outcome of meeting candidates/members: this insight is invaluable, I now have first-hand insight into the realities of working as a consultant whilst job hunting, the current market in Germany, and how we can provide a better experience for our candidates.

Lunchtime meeting in Prenzlauer Berg

Meeting our clients

My main aim: To learn as much as I could about my client’s, their companies and current vacancies, what they needed and how we could help. I also highlighted how we are an interesting modern alternative to outdated job boards and aggressive headhunters.

What we spoke about: We chatted in-depth on how Movemeon helped them during their recruiting process and how easy it was to attract high-skilled and relevant candidates through our platform. It was great to see my clients first hires settling in and to hear what some companies are looking for in future employees.

The outcome of these client meetings: After returning from Germany I’ve been able to post seven new roles to Movemeon. These clients were excited at the thought of a new alternative to traditional recruitment and we found common ground with the importance of candidate experience.

An additional bonus – Something very interesting for all of our German Freelancers is in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Hackesche Höfe in Berlin – a great recommendation from a client!

Key takeaways

Overall: it was great to meet so many lovely people in person and to get to know them a bit better. I can now build on these meetings back in London and maintain a good relationship moving forward.

The feedback: The people I met were genuinely pleased to meet me and have a discussion, the feedback on Movemeon was great and I can’t wait to see into what Movemeon Germany is going to develop over the next few months, having seen the impact we have here already.

The future: I am looking forward to reading the applications to the new roles posted and doing many more of these meetings in the near future, not only in Berlin but also our other hubs across Germany like Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne…

I hope you have found this article insightful. Click here to view current jobs in Germany.

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