Finding Balance in The New Year

With a new year, the promise of a fresh start and a fresh outlook can be the motivation one needs to try to add balance to their life. Achieving (and maintaining) a work-life balance is the holy grail of working professionals (hence the abundance of articles written on meeting this elusive goal). And it really can be done; people do it all the time. It just takes practice, tenacity, and patience. Making a few changes in your daily life can be all that you need to move that much closer to a well-balanced life. Here are some great suggestions to get you started.



Now is a good time to figure out what takes precedence in your life. Write down what you do daily, weekly, and monthly. Once you see it in black and white, it’s easier to figure out what is truly most important, what is optional, and what you can completely avoid. Be ruthless with this list. Once you remove all the piddly stuff, you might be surprised at what’s left.



After prioritizing and figuring out what you realistically can and can’t do, then it’s time to consider what you can outsource. Every little bit helps. You might not be in the position to hire a personal assistant, but perhaps you can hire someone to help with housekeeping, dog-walking, grocery errands, laundry, or other tasks that need attention. The ability to get help with your to-do list will always be worth the extra fee.


Get Moving

An active body makes for an active brain. One of the best ways to let off steam and to help with finding balance is taking care of yourself physically. If you have a fitness routine, maybe you have plateaued and need to spice things up a bit. Try adding new circuits or classes into the mix. If you run, switch off a few times a week to a different type of cardio. If you don’t have an exercise routine, now is the perfect time to start one. And it doesn’t have to be training for the Iron Man.
A great walking program and light resistance training are excellent ways to dip your toe into the world of fitness. Every little bit of activity helps.  You will feel better and sleep better, both of which are key components to finding balance.


Learn to Say No

If you’re a people pleaser, this is going to be a tough one. There is only so much of your time and energy that you can share. If you are someone who is always giving of their time, you probably find it rewarding, but you also probably have trouble saying no. Part of achieving balance in your life, both work and personal, requires downsizing when it comes to sharing your time. Rather than quit cold turkey, try saying no to every other request. Or make a point to be more judicious in what you agree to add to your plate.


Down Time

Making time for exercise is a great way to have some down time, but relaxing down time is the name of the game here. Leisurely and pleasurable activities that you can sprinkle in throughout your week. Perhaps it’s a long bath, sitting down to finish a book or taking a nap. Whatever it is, build in time every day to relax, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Allowing yourself time for frivolous and easygoing activities is a great way to let your brain take a rest. All of this equates to you getting a better leg up on maintaining balance in your life.


– by Julie 


Julie Morris is a life and career coach. She thrives on helping others live their best lives. She spent years in a successful (but unfulfilling) career in finance but has since moved on to a career that helps others live inspired lives that fill more than just their bank accounts.


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