Franck celebrates his new Commercial Director job at Regus

“Huge thank you to movemeon: I finally managed to find a website, which provides offers that suit my needs and expectations – both in terms of level of seniority and salary. Proof that there is an alternative to headhunters and the infamous networking, to find the perfect place for your next career move. And the movemon team really adds to their platform by a customised service, support and relationship with both the applicants and the employers. I wish you all great success with your new venture. Keep going – we’ll all support you!”

– Franck, who moved on from commercial and brand strategy at Intercontinental into a Commercial Director role at Regus.

Movemeon helped Franck celebrate and picked up the bill for him and his wife at Ametsa at the Halkin – “a fantastic experience, where the staff really took care of us. Not to mention a visit to the “spices cave” where more than 100 different spices have been stored by the famous Spanish chef. Great place for a great souvenir!”

If you landed a job through movemeon, why not celebrate on us too? And if you’re thinking about moving jobs, make sure you’re a movemeon member – it’s free & exclusively for consultants & alumni!


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