Frontier Services Group

We founded FSG to solve a problem: the absence of a reliable, pan-African transport and logistics solution.  Frontier Services Group Limited (FSG) offers world-class logistics solutions across the African continent.

We deliver reliable, customized supply chains and a complete transport and logistics solution for our customers doing business on the African continent. We are helping newer markets expand and we move the people, goods and materials that are accelerating Africa’s economic growth. Our portfolio of aviation, trucking, warehousing and maritime businesses have decades of experience delivering the things our customers depend on – anywhere and everywhere – in Africa.

Providing ground, airborne, and maritime logistical services for international and local enterprises, UN, NGOs, and governments seeking safe, reliable and integrated logistics capabilities. FSG is a proven provider of end to end expeditionary solutions that span Sea / Air / Land.

Transport on the continent is too often single-mode and fragmented, making supply chains inconsistent and unreliable – and ultimately expensive. As FSG expands its multimodal, holistic model, we will continue to fill that gap, facilitating trade both within, and across, the continent.

Counting on our collective experience in a vast array of operating environments, we bring flexible solutions to meet the full range of needs: from African and international companies thriving in the continent’s growing markets, to the NGOs and humanitarian workers operating in the most fragile environments.  Frontier Services Group Leadership

The FSG team is composed of respected professionals in aviation, trucking, warehousing, maritime and logistics management. Its personnel are expert in their disciplines and experienced in high-risk and under-developed markets in Africa.


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