Am I a good fit for the role?

Am I a good fit for the role?

Knowing if you are a good fit for a role can be difficult. We often see job descriptions with a lot of requirements which can make it hard to understand what an employer really needs.

As a starting point, the simplest things to check are:

  1. Years of experience
  2. Salary offered.

These two parameters are a good proxy to understand if your experience is in line with the requirements.

Years of experience

On movemeon, we usually specify the experience range (analyst, associate, manager, etc). Analysing our data, we see that candidates within that specified seniority range, or slightly outside (not more than 2 years), have a far higher chance of getting the job.

Salary offered

The same works for salary. When the salary is displayed, the company usually has a budget and they want to stay within it. So if your salary expectation is more than 10k higher, your chances of getting that job at the compensation you want will be lower.

Additional factors: visas & essential vs ‘nice to have’ requirements

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the right to work in a certain location. Companies can advertise if they will sponsor a visa or not so you should consider that before applying for a position in a country where you can’t work without a visa.

After this easy pre-screen, you will need to find out if your specific skill set is in line with the one required for the position.

Usually, companies list several required skills, but not all of them are essential.  Sometimes requirements are divided into essential and ‘nice to have’. Make sure to meet at least all the essential requirements.

Of course, the more ‘nice to have’ skills you have, the higher the chances of success.

If the distinction is not specified in the job description, we always ask the employer to list up to 3 requirements they consider essential in a candidate. When you apply you have to tick these requirements. If you don’t have all of them, your chances of getting that job will be lower.

Finally, a tip if you are applying for a position in a different area than where you gained your experience.

First of all, make sure previous experience in the industry/sector the job is in is not required. If it is not, it is always worth specifying in a cover letter why you want to change the industry/ sector.

After having verified that your seniority/salary requirements/visa status and skill set are in line with the ones of the position, you will still have to invest time to make sure the hiring manager can see that form your application (CV and cover letter).

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