Building an international team & taking the time to strengthen it

Building an international team & taking the time to strengthen it

We are looking ahead with excitement to the new directions and geographies for movemeon this year, and looking back at one of the highlights of the past quarter: the company trip to Barcelona.

A growing team

In the last two quarters, 4 new team members joined the movemeon team. All born abroad, multi-lingual, and with experience living in different countries across the world – fitting very well with the multicultural team and our global outlook as a company.

We are a very sociable office and always take time to talk to each other, using breaks and team events to unplug, have a good conversation, and some fun together too. So, it is not difficult for a new joiner to feel part of the team quickly.
We also work hard. We have targets to achieve to keep growing and we all motivate each other to meet them. As a result, sometimes it can be difficult for all of us to find a time to set aside for team-building given different specific priorities and other daily commitments.

This is why our bi-annual company trips abroad are not only consistent with our global outlook, but they are also a great opportunity for us to strengthen the team, interact more across departments and really capitalise on the value of shared experiences. In fact, our experience has shown that there is nothing like getting to know each other more than learning about each individual’s strengths and passions as we all breathe in the atmosphere of a different place and way of life, alternating work and time off.

Integrating work and non-working time in Barcelona

For our last trip of 2018, we chose the city of Barcelona. We spent 3 days there in the penultimate week of November, working in the morning and delving into the life of the city after lunch. This way, we alternated work and non-working time, and in our downtime, we got to interact a lot more with each other – particularly with colleagues from other departments that we would otherwise not speak to as often in the office, and founders with all members of the team. Together, we explored the city and its history, savoured the local cuisine, and joined in the fiesta spirit – learning more about each other’s personalities, interests and long-term goals.

We dedicated the first afternoon to team activities, planning a team treasure hunt in the city’s Gothic Quarter and breaking into three groups to foster some healthy competition and put into practice our problem solving strategic thinking, and communications skills. We also spent the evenings together, sitting around the table for dinner like a big family and discussing life beyond work.

Whilst we had many moments to spend time on our own or with fewer team members, gathering together at key moments took very little effort and we all really enjoyed these times. In fact, we left Barcelona feeling like a stronger and even more united team, having learned a lot more about each other and having uncovered an unexpected side to every individual.

This was especially helpful to and for new joiners, who now feel like an integral part of the team even more.
And as we keep growing and expanding as a company, we will cherish our lessons from Barcelona and make sure to keep making time to further strengthen and develop our connections as a team.

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