Laura, (ex OC&C) explains her journey to PureGym

Laura, (ex OC&C) explains her journey to PureGym


Movemeon candidate spotlights are a series of articles focusing on member’s journeys into new opportunities. Here Laura explains her career journey and how she used movemeon to find her next role.

sabah client success manager“It was great to help Laura secure her next role at PureGym. Thanks for talking me through your interesting career journey, I wish you all the best in your new role!”

– Sabah, PureGym’s Client Success Manager

Where did you start your career/where are you going?

I started my career at a small consultancy called Pragma Consulting. Through a recruitment agency, I was given the opportunity to move to OC&C, however, my plan was never for consulting to be my whole career. I was not happy with the lack of control of the industries I was working in and the work-life balance. I then moved to Whitbread in the Strategy team and within a year was promoted to Senior Strategy Analyst. When Whitbread was restructuring, I used that as a point to transition and I joined Costa in a non-strategy position to try something new.

I spent a year in the Store Design team. I was not looking to move from Whitbread but I came across a role at Pret on Linkedin and as it was a brand I really liked, I applied and have been there since May. However, for various reasons I’ve been doing work that wasn’t for the role I was hired for. Therefore, I started looking on movemeon. I saw movemeon’s invite to apply to a role and I applied.

What first attracted you to your new role, and why did you want a change?

The situation I was in put me in a good position to possibly do something riskier. When I was looking for a new role, I was looking for a brand that is in growth, a brand I believe someone wants to buy into and would continue to grow. I also wanted international exposure. I was being picky as I only wanted to apply for something I felt really excited about and it was a chance to do something new. When I was invited for the role and saw it was PureGym, I was interested as it is a great brand. I knew of the hiring manager although we never crossed paths at OC&C and I was more junior. I knew he was very well regarded and could learn a lot from him. The fact he was putting himself behind this brand is one of the reasons I applied.

I never intended to go into food and drink. I ended up at Costa as I wanted an upward career move. I am industry agnostic as I believe it is more important that the brand speaks to a clear target audience and has an appeal for that market and is not a brand that is going backwards.

In your opinion, how does movemeon differ from other platforms/agencies?

I liked the independence to look through jobs myself and being able to go through the suggested jobs, save them and then make a decision later. Also, having to make a cover note as I was not having to do them before. I have had chats with recruitment consultants about what I was doing previously and where I wanted to work and have then been presented jobs that were not in line with what we discussed. These conversations were often time-wasting and roles tended to be a mismatch with my level. It was also hard to get feedback as it was coming to me secondhand.  As soon as I was made the suggestion [invited] to apply to the PureGym role by movemeon, I was shortlisted and then shortly introduced to the hiring manager. I had direct communication with the hiring manager and it was not a game of Chinese whispers! All my meetings were with the hiring manager and were organised quickly. It was easier to have a conversation with the hiring manager to organise the interview, know where I needed to be and what to expect from the interview.

Through which of movemeon channels were you initially made aware of the role?

I was invited to view and apply for the role. I think in the past I had one invitation because I wasn’t actively looking. This was the first time I was actively looking. I had already saved the job and the invite was secondary validation and encouraged me to apply. As I had to write a cover note and upload a CV, I didn’t want to just be firing out applications and it was good to have the role highlighted to me as a potential fit.

How would you describe your experience as a member of movemeon?

I really liked taking the middle-man out of the process and having a conversation directly with the person hiring. I’ve had a bad experience with recruitment agencies previously, where I was sent for an interview for a different role to the one I was interviewing for. I was not prepared and the interview was outside of London. The recruitment consultant was not apologetic and continued pushing me to go for other roles. When I use movemeon, I am not constantly on the phone with someone putting pressure on me to apply for inappropriate roles. I previously have felt pressure to apply for roles I was not excited for and this is not the case with movemeon.

What advice would you give to other movemeon candidates?

I would say put the time in. The difference between movemeon and an agency is that you will have to do the leg work and look through job descriptions and make your own choice on what you want to apply for. Commit some time to it as with movemeon you take back control. You do not feel like a commodity that someone is desperate to make some commission from!

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