Employer spotlight – ZyseMe

Employer spotlight – ZyseMe


In your own words please describe what ZyseMe does.

ZyseMe works with fashion brands and retailers to realize a future of fashion that is more sustainable and that meets customers needs better. As a fashion company, that means you produce only the clothes that have been ordered, cutting down on overproduction, waste and returns. As a consumer, that means you can buy clothes in your unique size, with your design customizations, from the brands you love.

What is your role at ZYSE.me?

I’m a Business Development Manager at ZyseMe. That means I spend half my time developing client relationships, and the other half managing and implementing development projects inside the company. I love that I get to do something different every day, from improving our algorithm to understanding client needs and how we can support them, and working with apparel producers to make custom clothes a reality.

How would you describe your experience there?

It’s definitely very startup-y in that I find myself wearing many different hats and almost everything I do has a significant impact on the company. I love that kind of work! I’m grateful to be given a lot of trust and empowerment. That said, our solution is new and unproven. No one else does exactly what we do, which means it’s a constant challenge to prove ourselves to our clients and to the market at large.

Why did you join ZyseMe?

I believe we’re on to something big. I have to be part of this journey. We have a unique solution to a real problem. Were not just the newest challenger in a market with 30 similar solutions (no shade intended 😉 ).

What’s your favourite thing about ZYSE.me?

I love the idea of paving the way for something new (some would even say revolutionary or game-changing). The highs, lows, work and learning that we go through as a team and with our partners are energizing and fulfilling.

How would you describe the culture and values?

Supportive, always improving and learning, and diverse, not just in terms of nationalities but also in terms of the experience that people bring in. We’re a dozen people at the office, but we have people who have worked at fashion companies, consulting firms, advertising agencies, different startups, universities, and even their own fashion label.

Where have you been and where do you see ZyseMe going?

ZyseMe has had quite the history. 4 years ago, we started as a direct-to-consumer retailer of made-to-measure men’s clothes. We had an offline, pop-up store somewhere in Berlin and we struggled to scale up our business. We started developing a sizing technology that would allow us to sell online and therefore scale the business. We realized soon enough, from our conversations with other fashion companies, that our digital solution would be better shared than kept to ourselves. Therefore, a little over a year ago we pivoted to be B2B2C. Today we’re working with H&M and Hirmer, and I’m looking forward to working with more brands and retailers. Im proud to say while we have changed our business model, we have had the same vision since the start: to make customised clothing accessible to as many people as possible.

What kind of person would suit working at ZyseMe, and what kind of person might the environment not suit?

A good fit would be someone that wants to build something that makes a difference and that is up for that challenge. It’s someone that shines with their capabilities but is also hungry to learn more and help others. A bad fit would be someone who can’t work well in teams and who thinks too narrowly about their role and potential solutions.


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