Movemeon, Pizza Hut, Charles Taylor CEO Event: Key audience takeaways

Movemeon, Pizza Hut, Charles Taylor CEO Event: Key audience takeaways

This is the first Movemeon CEO event with guest speakers, from Pizza Hut and Charles Taylor.


Useful takeaways according to our audience members:

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  • The consulting to industry move is achievable and a natural career progression.
    However, it does come with its own challenges: keep working at it and ask for promotions.
  • Keep your ultimate goal in mind, but accept that there may be multiple steps to get there.
    Think about how each step is getting you closer to the goal, what skills you can build/demonstrate, what connections you can make and what exposure you can get with senior management.
  • Make sure there are enough elements of the role that you enjoy, as it is very difficult to shine if you are not passionate about at least some aspects of your role.
  • Think strategically of where you have a competitive advantage, where you can stand out.
    For example, an industry where you combine technical/specialist expertise and broader consulting skills, a sector/company/division that is generally considered “less cool” or smaller, where competition will be less fierce.
  • Discuss your aspirations very openly with your hiring manager.
    You may not be ready to have P&L responsibilities now, but you can jointly set a plan of how you can build and get the opportunity to demonstrate the required skills.
  • To move into a more general role, insist on a job title that will help, prove you can help with some projects, and aim for the smallest division.
  • Don’t try to be the smartest guy in the room, instead, try to ask the best question.
  • If you have a skills gap, ask potential future managers how you can bridge the gap today, e.g ask what you should you read and study?

    Final note:  Remember, you need to take risks to get rewards in your career.

Thank you to our members who provided feedback, and to Pizza Hut and Charles Taylor for speaking.


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