Movemeon’s Pro Bono Professionals – How it started

Movemeon’s Pro Bono Professionals – How it started

Movemeon’s pandemic response, ‘Consultants Against COVID-19‘ was launched by Jack Fitch and Clare Tsangari, in reaction to the outbreak of COVID-19. The goal was to support as many organisations as possible who’ve been affected by or fighting the impact of COVID-19.

Within days, close to 300 consultants and professionals had volunteered their expertise and joined the pool. Since then, the initiative has grown to include over 470+ professionals providing their services for free to over 40 public health organisations, charities and government at the national level.

2020 and beyond

As the impact of COVID-19 will be felt for the foreseeable future, and due to the amazing response to the initiative, we’ve decided to broaden its reach, continuing to run the service as a permanent offering, including short-term advisory support for organisations in need – schools/education services, social organisations, small businesses and more.

The rebrand

New name, new look, continued commitment:

pro bono consultants
  • New name:  Consultants against COVID-19 turns into Movemeon’s pro bono professionals.

  • New message:  Movemeon’s pro bono professionals provide advisory and part-time services to organisations in need.

  • Website: We are launching a new landing page exclusively for Movemeon’s pro bono professionals, so you can more easily access support when you need it.

  • Partnerships: We have successfully partnered with the Fore, a seed funder for the non-profit sector, and UnLtd, a leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs in and around the UK. These organisations advertised and successfully received support for 14 projects.

    We are continuing to partner with similar organisations to provide support and to provide our pro bono professionals with the best opportunities.

How much it costs

  • 100% free support, no fees from our professionals or from us. View the organisations that have utilised our initiative, and the consultants that have provided their expertise here.

  • We also manage the entire process for free – from advertising your role to highlighting your organisation to our network of over 40,000 consultants and commercial professionals.

  • So far, the total cost saved by organisations supported by Movemeon’s pro bono professionals is over £1m (in estimated fees):
consultants against covid

Feedback from organisations supported

It has been fantastic working with Movemeon. The consultants that Movemeon represents have many of the skills that small charities and social enterprises need, particularly now.” 

Mary Rose Gunn, CEO

the fore

consultants against covid

 “Thank you Movemeon for helping On Purpose emerge from lockdown ready to continue to pursue our mission” 

Tom Ebbutt, Managing Director
on purpose

 “We have been fortunate enough to obtain some great pro bono strategic consultancy work thanks to Consultants Against COVID. Movemeon’s pro bono professional, Gabriella provided us with invaluable support during the crisis.” 

Martin Wilcox, Director

pro bono professionals

Pro bono volunteer feedback

Guan Yeap

“I am thankful to have connected with Laura and Khushi Kantha through Movemeon’s pandemic initiative. It was a great experience and I encourage others to get involved if they can spare their time and expertise.”

Guan Yeap, Pro Bono consultant
khushi kantha

Eleonora Jovanovic

“Soon after commencing with MSF I felt I was part of the team, supporting the journey towards something bigger – a big necessity for all of us during Covid-19. I want to thank everyone at MSF for the quick acceptance as ‘one of them’ and for being used as a sounding board, and listened to for my change management expertise – I would be happy to work with everyone involved again at a later stage!”

Eleonora Jovanovic, Pro Bono consultant
Doctors without borders

The type of support on offer

  • Advisory to part-time
    From project management to ad-hoc senior expertise i.e, 1-2hrs a week (remote work)

  • Functional skillset
    Programme Management, Project Management, Data Analysis, Strategic Planning, Growth Scaling, Transformation and Change Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Operations and Organizational Design, and more…

  • Industry expertise
    Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Technology, Commerce, Consumer Goods, Retail, Travel & Transportation, and more…

From all of us at Movemeon, thank you!

All of the time and expertise volunteered by our consultants and commercial professionals helped this initiative provide much-needed support to non-profits, charities and organisations dealing with the crisis. This is something we can all look back on and be proud of, so we would like to thank all those who’ve so far joined Movemeon’s pro bono professionals.

clare tsangari

“I am very proud to have led the Consultants against COVID-19 initiative through this global crisis. Our members are truly inspirational; we wouldn’t have been able to offer an initiative like this without their incredible effort, expertise and support!”

Clare Tsangari, Non-profit Lead

jack fitch movemeon

It’s been a pleasure working on Consultants Against Covid with all the amazing Charities, Not For Profits and Social Organisations as well as all of our members who kindly volunteered their time, from International Charities right down to Social Projects launched this year. It’s been a real joy to hear about the positive impact of the work being done.

Jack Fitch, Growth Manager

Contact to be matched with a professional.

Join Movemeon’s pro bono professionals, utilise your skillset to support charities, public sector and other not for profit organisations.

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