Consultants Against COVID-19: Fabrice Kouaghu supports Generation

Consultants Against COVID-19: Fabrice Kouaghu supports Generation

In reaction to the outbreak of COVID-19, Movemeon developed an initiative titled ‘Consultants Against COVID-19‘. This initiative comprises of 400+ highly skilled consultants and ex-consultants willing and ready to provide their services for free to support any charities, public sector and other not for profit organisations in need during the crisis. Headed up by Jack Fitch and Clare Tsangari (who are also volunteering their support for free) they are matchmaking the best skills to key roles and creating awareness through a dedicated LinkedIn channel.

40+ consultants have currently been placed with a variety of public health organisations, charities and government at the national level. This is Fabrice’s journey to supporting Generation. Generation supports disadvantaged young people to build thriving, sustainable careers and to provide employers with the highly-skilled, motivated talent they need to improve business outcomes.

Where did you start your career/where are you going?

I began my career at General Electric (GE) Healthcare as a Junior Project Manager, designing digital data/predictive solutions for smart medical devices. I then progressed into a Management Consulting Analytics role within the consulting branch of GE. After 5 years of international consulting experience (USA, UK, Saudi, India and France), I decided to settle down. I recently left GE, and took a 6-month long sabbatical to support social initiatives, get involved in pro bono consulting, spend more time with my close ones (especially my parents), and prepare for my next career move.

What first attracted you to volunteer your time and join Consultants against COVID-19?

During my sabbatical, I discovered how rewarding it is to volunteer for social projects. I was volunteering before but during this time, it became my main activity. So when I found out about « Consultants against COVID-19 » I was really happy because it just made perfect sense for me! Another chance to use my skills for social impact!

What are the key aspects of your new role and how do they help support your new company?

I am currently supporting Generation (a McKinsey Social Initiative) in designing skill development programs. The aim of this initiative is to train young unemployed people to embark on careers in healthcare and to upskill healthcare workers. We are especially targeting elderly care roles. This experience has made me more aware of the critical need there is in elderly care:  in France, there are 1.4 million people who have lost their independence. I believe we require more workers, volunteers and innovative technological tools ready to tackle these types of issues- especially as we are an increasingly ageing population.


How has this worldwide pandemic affected you personally/your work life?

I consider myself lucky to have been in lockdown with my family in a beautiful small town in France. I was able to spend quality time with my parents, sister and brothers daily, which was great. It reminded me of my high school days when we were all living in the same house before getting older and embarking on our separate, very own adult journeys.

I hope during the pandemic, we were all able to learn something. The valuable lesson I learnt is how important it is to support one another even more, with humility and love, regardless of our differences. Because of this, I made a personal decision to be more intentional about caring for others.

What are you doing more of because of coronavirus?

I am definitely spending more time on social media; I even decided to start using Instagram, Slack and Twitter! I can tell you it was a big step for me since I had a « no more than three social media » policy for myself before lockdown. I am now using more than six social media mediums to stay connected with my friends and potential business partners.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to doing once social distancing rules have been relaxed?

Once social distancing rules are fully relaxed, there are two things I cannot wait to do:

1- Travel to visit friends and family: my newly born nephew in Switzerland – I need to maintain my  “best uncle” position :), visit close friends in the UK and family in Cameroon

2- Attend the wedding of one of my best friends which were originally supposed to take place in May

Whether you’re on the front lines of fighting the virus or not, Consultants Against COVID-19 are helping companies with full-time support down to one-off expertise. Please contact freehelp@movemeon

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