Consultants Against COVID-19: Gordon Agius supports On Purpose

Consultants Against COVID-19: Gordon Agius supports On Purpose

In reaction to the outbreak of COVID-19, Movemeon developed an initiative titled ‘Consultants Against COVID-19‘. This initiative comprises of 400+ highly skilled consultants and ex-consultants willing and ready to provide their services for free to support any charities, public sector and other not for profit organisations in need during the crisis. Headed up by Jack Fitch and Clare Tsangari (who are also volunteering their support for free) they are matchmaking the best skills to key roles and creating awareness through a dedicated LinkedIn channel.

40+ consultants have currently been placed with a variety of public health organisations, charities and government at the national level. This is Gordon’s journey to supporting On Purpose, a non-profit focused on helping people transition their careers by placing them within companies that have a social or environmental purpose.

Where did you start your career/where are you going?

I began my career in Marketing and Sales in the Logistics sector in Malta. My aim was to move towards a strategic career focus, so after successfully completing an MSc in Marketing and Strategy at Warwick Business School, I worked as a Management Consultant with Simon-Kucher & Partners in London.

Throughout my experience, I’ve worked on brand strategy, customer experience optimisation, monetisation and cost reduction projects within sectors including Consumer Goods and Retail, Industrials Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Express Delivery. Whilst I fully intend to continue pursuing a career in Management and Strategy Consulting, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted the market and business environment – so I’m currently actively seeking my next challenge!

What first attracted you to volunteer your time and join Consultants against COVID-19?

While searching for a full-time opportunity during lockdown, I also wished to exercise and broaden my analytical and consulting skills. At the same time, with all the negativity going on, I also wanted to do my part to give back and help others. This was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone!

What are the key aspects of your new role and how do they help support your new company?

On Purpose is a non-profit organisation, focused on helping people transition their careers by placing them within companies that have a social or environmental purpose. Over the course of this project, I’ve been using my analytical skills to provide recommendations as to where they can focus their recruitment targeting efforts and how they can improve day-to-day processes such as data gathering. I have also created dashboards to provide On Purpose with real-time visualisation of their recruitment pipeline.

Working with On Purpose’s unique database has given me the opportunity to acquire several new skills in Salesforce data analysis and visualisation. This experience has also given me insight into a completely new industry.

How has this worldwide pandemic affected you personally/your work life?

The pandemic has been a challenging period for all. It has brought about substantial social and economic change, the outcomes of which are difficult to predict. It has impacted significantly on the ways I work and interact with others – everything is done online since I’ve been self-isolating for the past 3.5 months, so my laptop has been invaluable! However, I am looking forward to the market picking up again. I’ve also been given this rewarding opportunity to work with On Purpose and to apply my skills in a way that will help them pursue their goals.

What are you doing more of because of coronavirus?

Browsing for jobs definitely tops the list. However, this period has also allowed me to develop new analytical skills and to carry out research into areas that are of interest to me. In the meantime, I’ve also been co-authoring an international journal article in partnership with an academic, and have also sought to refine my artistic skills and promote my artworks online.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to doing once social distancing rules have been relaxed?

I’m looking forward to flying home to Malta to visit my family and friends. Then, after a few days on the beach, I will definitely be looking forward to getting back to a full-time job.

Whether you’re on the front lines of fighting the virus or not, Consultants Against COVID-19 are helping companies with full-time support down to one-off expertise. Please contact freehelp@movemeon

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