Consultants against COVID-19 initiative: Free expertise to charities, non-profits and organisations in need

Consultants against COVID-19 initiative: Free expertise to charities, non-profits and organisations in need

At Movemeon we want to do our bit to help in the fight against COVID-19. We have been working with our members of top-tier consultants and ex-consultants and created a ‘Consultants against COVID-19’ global pro bono pool. We now have 300+ highly skilled professionals ready to provide their services for free to support to any charities, non-profits and organisations in need.

How our professionals can help/what they bring:

Whether you’re on the front lines of fighting the virus or not, our professionals are able to help you with full-time support down to one-off expertise.

  • Free support (no fees from our consultants or from us)
    Our volunteers are skilled professionals eager to support you through this difficult time and can work remotely to help you achieve your goals. 
  • Immediate support
    Ready and available to help you today
  • Full-time help
    From project management to ad-hoc senior expertise i.e, 1hr/week input over a call
  • Key functional skills
    Programme Management, Project Management, Data Analysis, Strategic Planning, Growth Scaling, Transformation and Change Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Operations and Organizational Design, and more…
  • Leading industry expertise
    Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Technology, Commerce, Consumer Goods, Retail, Travel & Transportation, and more…

The Movemeon team will also manage the entire process for free and are here to support you at every stage – from creating your role to matching you to top expertise.

From all of us at Movemeon, we hope you are well, keep safe and we look forward to supporting you.

Join Consultants Against COVID-19, utilise your skillset to support charities, public sector and other not for profit organisations.

If you/your company needs support or you know of anyone who would benefit from this initiative please email 👉


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