Consulting to Agriculture to Director of Operations – Magnus Rowbotham

Consulting to Agriculture to Director of Operations – Magnus Rowbotham

Magnus Rowbotham, the Director of Operations at Tallarium shares his career journey and his experience using

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Where did you start your career and where do you see yourself going

I started with Newton Europe as an operations consultant, working there for 4.5 years. For the past year, I’ve worked with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency in Addis Ababa (which I also got through Movemeon). Next, I’m starting at Tallarium (a fin-tech startup) as Director of Operations.

Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency

Why did you want to change your job and what first attracted you to your new role?

I wanted to take a step out of consulting and get the chance to really deliver something from within a business, and feel real ownership for the work. A startup was the obvious move, as I wanted to make sure that I could be right in the centre of things. The Tallarium role was especially exciting, both because of the people I got to meet in the interviews, but also just because the company’s product is genuinely innovative and cool. It’s going to be very challenging, but I’m hugely excited.

Building data solutions for commodity markets.

In your opinion how does Movemeon differ from other platforms/traditional recruitment

Movemeon is the first agency that I feel truly understands what my experience means, and the kinds of things I want to go on to do. Through them, I’ve seen, applied for, been interviewed by, and wanted more jobs than through every other agency combined.

How would you describe your experience as a Movemeon member?

Exactly that – I don’t feel like a client or a commodity, I’ve felt like a member of the club. 

What advice would you give to candidates looking for a new job in the current climate?

Despite COVID’s effect on the job market, there are exciting and novel opportunities on Movemeon – you just need to find your niche and push for it.

Have you seen a change in recruitment as a result of COVID-19?

Yes and no – some big companies are holding back from what I’ve seen, but startups are still starting and need new people, willing to work in a flexible manner.

How did you discover your new role?

Through the curated list of jobs on the Movemeon website (based on my priorities), and also through the Movemeon notification emails, which I switched on to receive daily.

How has this worldwide pandemic affected you personally/your work life?

Truthfully, being out in Addis has allowed me to miss out on most of the issues of COVID. However, I’ve learnt a brand new way of working, using online meetings, training sessions, and requiring a completely different form of self motivation.

What are you most looking forward to doing once social distancing rules have been relaxed?

It sounds sad, but I would love to go to a pub with a friend and have a mid-afternoon pint of English beer and watch some rugby. I’ve been abroad for a year and there’s nothing quite like it.

 I’m also incredibly keen to get into the office of my new company and meet everyone in person and sit down and actually work together.

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