Employer Spotlight – Butternut Box

Employer Spotlight – Butternut Box

Andy, Head of Growth


In your own words please describe what Butternut does.

We make fresh dog food. Super healthy, super nutritious. We portion the food according to individual dogs – their breed, age and activity levels – and send to our customers every few weeks!

What is your role at Butternut?

I am responsible for trying to grow the business. We are a subscription box company, so the key thing for us is to both attract new customers and retain the ones we do have. It’s a combination of strategy (how are we going to grow?), a bit of marketing (putting the plans into action), a bit of everything else too (it is a start-up at the end of the day).

How would you describe your experience so far?

It has been great! 18 months ago, the office was made of three people working above the kitchen where the food was cooked up. We had a couple of hundred customers. As of today, we are a team of 50 in the head office alone.

Being a part of that journey has been super exciting. New people, bringing new ideas to the office is great to be around. On a personal level – more and more people I bump into know who we are and have a really positive impression of the brand. That’s cool too!

Why did you join Butternut?

I wanted to challenge myself. I’d previously worked in one of those ‘intrapreneur’ kind of environments where you are working on start-up style projects but within a bigger corporate structure. It was fun but you always feel like you have a safety net.

I also massively believe in what we have set out to do at Butternut. If people knew what went into their existing dog food, they wouldn’t feed it to their dog. For example, for a can of chicken dog food to be labelled as ‘chicken’, it only needs to contain 4% meat. I fundamentally believe that pet owners want better for their pets than that!

What is your favourite thing about the company?

I think the culture is quite unique. It’s the perfect mix between fun and getting stuff done. Everyone is a little zany but everyone is super driven.

How would you describe the culture and values?

Transparency is key: we want to be an open book with our customers. We print our recipes on our website, we do a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ content on social media.

The other key thing: we keep a smile on our faces. Dogs are inherently funny. We are a dog company. Let’s not take things too seriously.

Where have you been and where do you see Butternut going?

We want to feed more dogs. That’ll be the focus of the next 12 months – keep growing. All going well, we’d look at other things we could do that fit under the umbrella of ‘pet-wellness’. We want to make dogs healthier and happier. That’s what we get out of bed for in a morning.

What kind of person would suit working at Butternut, and what kind of person might the environment not suit?

All the clichés, really. Someone wanting to throw themselves in at the deep end, someone wanting to take on responsibility, someone wanting to make a difference.

I think anyone who is too buttoned up, who takes themselves really seriously may struggle. We aren’t really that kind of place.


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