Digital change made in Germany. What’s it like working at Detecon?

Digital change made in Germany. What’s it like working at Detecon?

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Szymon Lis Detecon Movemeon

Szymon Lis, Senior Consultant – Detecon International GmbH

In your own words please describe what Detecon does.

Detecon International GmbH is a German company specializing in management and technology consulting and operating at the international level. Headquarters are in Cologne and is a subsidiary of T-Systems International GmbH.

Detecon helps business partners to walk through a digitalization journey smoothly. Business partners are spread all over the world acting in many areas e.g. telco, IT, industry, finance, etc.

Detecon movemeon consulting

What is your role at Detecon?

My role at Detecon consists of two areas:

1. Lead and deliver technological projects
2. Participate in business development. 

How would you describe your experience there?

Detecon provides me with freedom and a broad spectrum of technology and business areas I want to work with. Simultaneously, I feel trust in the company with regard to my acting.

Why did you join Detecon?

I decided to join Detecon due to a chance of working on disruptive technologies and further develop business skills in a multicultural environment.

Moreover, Deutsche Telekom AG has been giving an opportunity to work with Telco industry leaders, not followers. 

What’s your favourite thing about Detecon?

International environment and top-class talents on-boarded.

How would you describe the culture and values?

Innovativeness, a vision that is underlined by human/knowledge development, but also with a strong focus on customer and quality.

Where have you been and where do you see Detecon going?

Detecon positions itself as a leading digitalization consultancy and wants to keep on international growth. 

What kind of person would suit working at Detecon, and what kind of person might the environment not suit?

The best candidate should have multiple capabilities scattered over business and technology, rather than working in specific silos. That ambidexterity can significantly facilitate personal development at Detecon.

sabrina client success manager movemeon

This company was supported by Sabrina, German Team Lead

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