Movemeon insight – Felipe & Nisha explain what it’s like working at ID Insight

Movemeon insight – Felipe & Nisha explain what it’s like working at ID Insight

Movemeon employer spotlights are a series of articles highlighting our clients. They detail the internal company culture, employee experience and outline their ideal candidate.

Here, we speak to Nisha & Felipe of ID Insight.

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Associate Director

Laila, ID Insight’s Success Manager
“IDInsights is a great company to work with and they have amazing goals! They use data and evidence to help global leaders combat poverty worldwide which is definitely a cause worth contributing to.”

What does IDinsight do? 

IDinsight fights global poverty by making cutting-edge data and evidence tools work for leaders in the global development sector. We don’t just  “do research” or “generate evidence”  —  we help our partners improve lives by fusing evidence with action. Every IDinsight engagement is rigorous, demand-driven, timely, and cost-effective. We serve governments, NGOs, foundations and social businesses across Africa and Asia in all major program areas including health, education, agriculture, livelihoods, finance, energy and governance.

What is your current role at IDinsight and what were you doing before?

Nisha Hariharan
Senior Manager, Nairobi

I am a Senior Manager at IDinsight, based out of our Kenya office. Prior to working at IDinsight, I worked at the Clinton Health Access Initiative as a Manager on the eMTCT and Pediatric HIV team, managing a cross-county initiative to scale-up treatment coverage for children with HIV. 

What motivated you to join IDinsight, and what do you enjoy most about working there?

I wanted to join IDinsight in order to join a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about using evidence and data to help drive social change. In my experience, this doesn’t happen enough in the development space and there’s a huge opportunity to make sure that limited resources are being directed towards initiatives that really drive change. I most enjoy the great people that I work with at IDinsight – I really do work with a super talented and diverse group of colleagues who are located all over the globe. Particularly, I also enjoy the mentorship and guidance I get from my peers. We also work on some really interesting projects – from understanding what the poor really want access to when it comes to charity and giving and supporting interesting results-based financing initiatives to make sure they are backed by the right evidence at the right time. 

What is IDinsight’s culture like and what are the values?

I’d say that we have an open and welcoming workplace with a great group of people, and a solid set of values that encourage us to be impact-focused, humble, and honest with one another. I particularly admire our commitment to ownership and making sure that we all feel like it’s our collective responsibility to see IDinsight grow and flourish and achieve our full potential. 

What kind of person would suit working at IDinsight, and what kind of person might the environment not suit?

IDinsight is a great place for self-starters who are looking to be technically challenged and generate accurate results and recommendations fast. Our projects aim to generate results quickly because we work in a space where lives are at stake. Joining IDinsight also means taking on more than just project-work, but working with your colleagues to make this organization a better place in order to build a community of leaders. It’s also a great place to be exposed to different contexts and cultures, and having an appreciation for travel and new adventures is also critical for success. The IDinsight environment may not suit those who are looking to only work in one context, do not enjoy travel, or who are not prepared to commit the time needed to get the work done during busy scopes of project work.

What is your current role at IDinsight and what were you doing before?

Felipe Acero Garay
Senior Associate, Dakar

Currently, I am a Senior Associate at IDinsight. My experience so far has been mostly in supporting the design and implementation of a study aiming at measuring the preferences of beneficiaries of interventions that have different outcomes (e.g., vaccine to reduce risk of dying vs. Cash transfers). This work has been done across Kenya and Ghana, with fieldwork across rural regions in both countries. Currently, I am leading the design and implementation of a process evaluation of a development project in Morocco, that aims at supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in rural areas.
Before joining IDinsight, I worked as a consultant at Dalberg Global Development Advisors, supporting projects that provided strategic advice to relevant actors in the development sector (e.g., USAID, OXFAM, UNCDF). I also worked as an M&E lead at the Lesotho National Development Corporation, engaged by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) as an ODI Fellow.

What motivated you to join IDinsight, and what do you enjoy most about working there?

I joined IDinsight because I saw the opportunity to continue working in the area of consulting, providing advice and guidance to relevant actors in the development sector, but on topics that were more interesting to me, and that had a greater affinity to my past professional and academic experiences. I also joined because it allowed me to work and explore new geographies, and to take more responsibilities within a project.

What I enjoy the most of working at IDinsight is the regular learning both in and out of project work. People at IDinsight are incredibly smart, and the tools that we used and that we develop to reflect this talent. In every project, I have been able to learn new hard and soft skills, and I enjoy our culture of providing sincere feedback, which sometimes is not a common practice in other development entities.

What kind of person would suit working at IDinsight, and what kind of person might the environment not suit?

Successful IDinsighters are proactive and always ready to take the initiative. People are constantly curious and eager to learn new methods and approaches to evaluation work and prepared to adapt their mindset to the new challenges that arise in various contexts.

An IDinsighter is also someone that is ready to mingle with other colleagues and learn from their experiences.

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