Movemeon insight – Matthew, Ben & Tessa, explain what it’s like working at Faculty

Movemeon insight – Matthew, Ben & Tessa, explain what it’s like working at Faculty

Movemeon employer spotlights are a series of articles highlighting our clients. They detail the internal company culture, employee experience and outline their ideal candidate.

We went to meet the team at Faculty to understand a bit more about the business and what makes it an interesting place to work. We met with Matthew, Tessa and Ben. Here is what we learned with added insight from Matthew.

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 “At Faculty, we are committed to building high quality, diverse and motivated teams to grow our business and deliver great outcomes for our clients. Movemeon helps us do that by providing the best commercial talent out of all of the platforms we have used to support our hiring strategies in the past” 

Matthew Ward
Principal at Faculty

Matthew has more than nine years’ experience in advising companies, helping to transform their customer engagement strategies using data solutions. Prior to joining Faculty, Matthew was responsible for Client Success at Opower (acquired by Oracle in 2016). He holds a Bachelors in Climatology from McGill University and a Masters of International Energy Policy from the Middlebury Institute.

“Movemeon enabled me to focus my job search, returning roles that matched my experience and industry preferences directly. This massively helped my search and introduced me to great companies, such as Faculty!”

Tessa Farrington
Engagement Manager at Faculty.

Since joining Faculty, Tessa has worked with agencies across law enforcement to identify opportunities for data science to enable more effective policing, and managed the development of an image analytics service to improve diagnostic and surgical outcomes.

Prior to joining Faculty Tessa worked at PwC as a management consultant, specialised in government & healthcare operations. While there, she managed several hospital-wide transformation programmes, working with NHS executives and clinical leadership to optimise models of care and improve operational resilience. Tessa studied Natural Sciences at the University of Bath, majoring in Systems Biology.

“As a candidate, Movemeon offered a great variety of roles aimed specifically at ex-consultants which simply wasn’t available on other platforms. Without it, I never would have found my current position at Faculty”

Ben Bedford
Associate at Faculty.

Prior to joining, Ben worked at KPMG as a management consultant, specialising in digital finance technologies. Ben has previously delivered multiple data-driven projects, including a finance data optimisation project for a life sciences corporation and an automation centre of excellence design for a defence organisation. He has experience across a number of industries including retail, FMCG, energy, life sciences and defence. Ben studied Geography at Durham University.

Can you tell us a bit more about Faculty?

We are an artificial intelligence technology company based in London that provides the skills, strategy and software to deliver the benefits of AI in the real world. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients, and personally I feel the projects we do are what truly differentiates us. For example, we recently supported the UK Government to develop an algorithm that can detect, block and remove Daesh propaganda videos. The work can be on an impact-level that I’ve not experienced elsewhere.

In terms of our history, we were founded in 2014 by academics. They started the fellowship to help PhD and postdoc scientists become professional data scientists. Since then we’ve added the Faculty Platform (a tool for data science practitioners – like Excel for analysts – that speeds up AI deployments), and developed technical services to deliver professional data science strategy and software and skills.

We are now Europe’s most experienced AI and machine learning specialists with an unrivalled depth of talent and breadth of expertise. And, we’re growing – fast. We’re currently a team of just over 100, but are expecting that to keep going up and up!

What’s it like working at Faculty?

It’s fast-paced, challenging, collegiate and fulfilling. It’s an amazing team to be a part of – the high calibre and seemingly endless drive and motivation of the people is truly inspirational. I’ve also been really impressed by a deep-rooted culture of continuous learning.

The other big difference is just how cutting-edge the work is. We’ve been in the news for the work we did for Alliance of Democracies around our work on developing tools to detect deepfakes. The R&D team and the platform we’re building are world-leading in their field. 

Why is Faculty a good place to forge your career?

First and foremost, as mentioned above, it’s a learning culture. We have regular training in business skills and the latest data science techniques and technologies. The access we have to this new field is unparalleled. Given the inevitable rise of data science in the future – it’s a great place to hone your skills!

The team is high-performing but really friendly. It was rather imposing at first, seeing how highly educated everyone was – but no-one takes themselves too seriously!

I’ve also found that I’ve got the freedom to shape the role in my image. I’ve received the support to advance as ambitiously as I want to – and I’ve not had that before in my career.

Finally, what is the best career and hiring advice you’ve received?

In terms of my career, I’ve received two great bits of advice:

  1. Make sure you do the job you were hired to do really well before searching for opportunities for your next promotion 
  2. When looking for your next job, make sure you are running to something, instead of away from something else. 
  3. In terms of hiring, the most important part is to create a comprehensive candidate throughput process with the right eyes on the candidate as they move through it. It’s critical that you stick to this for each and every candidate for each and every role you hire for. If you cut any corners, you either start lowering the quality of your hires or you bring in people who may not fit within or foster the right company culture. 

Faculty have worked with movemeon to hire over five consultants for their team. Keep an eye on the platform to see any current roles they’re looking for.

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