Employer spotlight – TTE Strategy

Employer spotlight – TTE Strategy

Boutique Consulting at Second Glance: We Take a Closer Look

What is consulting really about? What advantages does boutique consulting offer clients? What is the most important characteristic of a good consultant?

Former project manager at BCG, Lars Linnekogel, shares insights from the world of coaching and consulting. Lars is Founder & Managing Director of the young, dynamic strategy consultancy firm “TTE Strategy” in Hamburg.

What Really Matters: Getting Things Moving

A concept that doesn’t offer clients feasible solutions ends up in the drawer. This is probably the worst case for consultants. So how do you ensure that real problems are addressed together with clients and that the results lead to practical solutions?

A project really gets moving when consultants do not work with ready-made solutions. A template or solution that worked for one client may not be the right one for the next client. As a consultant, this means I have to delve much deeper into the strategic and content-related issues in each project and work closely with the client. This is the only way to find out which is the best solution for the client’s situation and leads to the desired results.

The most important characteristic of a consultant? Curiosity! Only those who are curious by nature do not shy away from complex challenges and have the drive to adopt a step-by-step approach to finding solutions. Underpinning this approach is an important change in mindset: As a consultant, I don’t need to have the answer from the beginning, I just need to ask the right questions over and over again.

Dynamic, Exciting and Effective: The Mix of Consulting and Coaching

Companies that turn to a consultant need one thing above all: a strong consulting partner who can show them the way by providing valuable insights. This consultative function is crucial for the senior management.

However, a project only becomes truly successful when the coaching of employees is also part and parcel of the cooperation. The solution to a problem that affects an entire organisation can only be developed as a team.

This is why we at TTE work closely with our clients and their employees and take into account their concerns at every stage of the project.

This is where boutique consulting provides a decisive advantage. As a strategy consultancy firm with a smaller team, we can be flexible and also make part-time arrangements with clients. This way, workshops or project meetings do not take place every day of the week, which enables employees, who usually still have their normal day job, to have enough time to gradually become involved in the change process.

It goes without saying that this requires dynamism and flexibility on the part of the consultant. If a customer approaches our consulting team, the problems are often urgent and require prioritised attention. The mix of consulting and coaching quickly provides relief at this point without overburdening the client’s organisation. On the one hand, the client receives excellent strategic advice from our team. On the other hand, coaching for the client’s employees teaches them how to put the new strategies into practice and how to solve problems more efficiently.

Why Boutique Consulting Is an Attractive Option, Especially for Junior Consultants

Can you imagine your first day at our strategy consultancy firm in Hamburg? It starts with a short breakfast with the team, followed by an introduction to our working methods and tools. In the subsequent meeting, we go through the current projects together and it becomes clear right away where the new member can best support our team. And then it all gets going! New team members usually start in “soft start” mode, which means that the focus in the first few days is on getting to know the team, methods and clients. Independent project work will then commence in the weeks that follow.

In short, you will adopt a hands-on approach and enjoy integration into our team from the very outset. Boutique consulting is therefore an attractive option, especially for young consultants who want to gain experience quickly.

We enable young consultants to reach a position with project responsibility faster. This is due to the flat hierarchical structure, so junior consultants don’t feel like they’re starting “from below”.

In addition, a smaller team does not mean less expertise. Even in smaller consultancy firms, the team members are often former employees of well-known organisations. At TTE, interaction with the client and its employees is also incredibly important to us. Our entire team works closely with the client company, which is why we give junior consultants the opportunity to come into contact with senior executives in client organisations at an early

Do you have the drive to get real results? Are you motivated and interested in project work with exciting clients?

If so, take a look at our current vacancies and get in touch with us!


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