Employer Spotlight – INCOPRO

Employer Spotlight – INCOPRO


In your own words please describe what Incopro does:

We build tech to helps protect brands online, defending IP and making the internet better for business. Our main product is Talisman which uses AI to work out where a brand is being misused online, such as counterfeiting, and automates enforcement & removal of those infringements.


What is your role at Incopro?

I joined Incopro as the VP Strategy and am now the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).


How would you describe your experience so far?

It has been great, 18 months ago, we were a team of 70 and now we have grown to 180. As Incopro is in the growth stage you directly get to see the impact of your work, which is one of the big differences from being in consulting.


Why did you join Incopro?

I wanted to join an interesting tech business in their growth stage and to join at a time where I could have a real impact. The environment is fast-paced, exciting and has a strong team ethic, it’s consistently evolving.


What is your favourite thing about the company?

Using tech to solve a big problem that affects so many people. We have real traction in the market and its a space that’s increasingly important – as more retail shifts online, this is a problem affecting more and more companies. Aside from the impact to our clients, counterfeiting also causes broader damage – from those producing goods in poor conditions, to the safety risks from potentially dangerous imitations such as car brake pads or fake drugs.


How would you describe the culture and values?

Ambitious, dedicated people who want to make a difference and really care about the job they are doing. The team is always trying to do things better and there’s a strong sense of personal accountability.

We also like to keep work fun, and we think it’s really important to keep that element of the company’s culture as we grow.


Where have you been and where do you see Incopro going?

When I joined we were almost all in one office in London; now we have six offices globally from Shanghai to LA, and we’re aiming to become the global leader in our space over the next few years.


What kind of person would suit working at Incopro, and what kind of person might the environment not suit?

The best cultural fit for Incopro would be a self-motivated person who thinks creatively about problem-solving, has a broad range of skill sets and is always looking/ critically assessing opportunities. A person who is prepared that things might not run smoothly but loves the feeling of making a difference.


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