Hired – Julian (Head of Ops and Growth Management) explains his journey to TWAICE

Hired – Julian (Head of Ops and Growth Management) explains his journey to TWAICE

Julian, Head of Operations and Growth Management

Movemeon candidate spotlights are a series of articles focusing on our member’s journeys into new opportunities. Here, our member explains their career journey and how they used movemeon to find her next role.

TWAICE’s new Movemeon hire brings a management consulting background. 3+ years of experience with high growth and strategy projects cost bench-marking and commercial due diligence. Experienced in leading cross-functional teams, relationship building and development. Fluent in German, English and Spanish.

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sabrina client german team lead

“TWAICE is a great company, it was a pleasure meeting the team in Munich! Julian is an excellent addition to their team and I wish them all the best for their mission”
– Sabrina, German Team Lead

Where did you start your career/where are you going?

I started my career as a developer, moved to sales/commerce and then onto general management as both COO and CEO.  I no longer think about where I’m going, I’m very happy where I am personally, but I do look for companies and teams and where they can go.  That’s what now motivates me rather than my own personal career progression.

I started my career in consulting but realized after some time that the lifestyle was not sustainable anymore for my dreams and goals. Via different roles in digitalization, I ended up in a startup that combines my previous experiences perfectly.

What first attracted you to your new role/to freelance, and why did you want a change?

The main thing that attracted me to the new role was the ability to actively shape the company that I will be working for. More than just the direction of the company itself, I was keen to bring in my perspective and experience to influence the company culture. These two factors add a lot of spice to my role.

And finally, how has/will the move affect your work/life balance?

In terms of absolute work hours, my workload rather increased. But due to more flexibility and meaning in my work, it does not feel that I am working more.

In your opinion, how does Movemeon differ from other platforms/agencies?

I loved browsing through a few very interesting openings much more than filtering a ton of openings to find the ones that really are suited for me. In my opinion, Movemeon has a similar value for the candidates than for the startups – time savings and connecting the right people.

How would you describe your experience as a member of Movemeon?

I felt treated really nice. When I had questions, I got answers in a timely manner and was even able to talk about my hesitations. 

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