Hired – Ling explains her journey to Reset Health

Hired – Ling explains her journey to Reset Health

Ling, Head of Operations

Movemeon candidate spotlights are a series of articles focusing on our members’ journeys into new opportunities. Here, our member explains their career journey and how they used Movemeon to find her next role.

Reset Health’s new Movemeon hire brings a Big 4 consulting background, and extensive experience in operational experience in healthcare.

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sabah client success manager

“Reset Health’s mission is an important one especially give the current situation – with excellent operations experience at another health tech, Ling is a fantastic addition to the team!”
– Sabah, Client Success Manager

Why did you make the decision to move jobs during the pandemic?

I am lucky enough to be in an industry (healthcare) that has been fairly resilient throughout the pandemic so far. The decision to move was driven mainly by the excitement of the growth phase and progression opportunity at Reset Health rather than the need to move from my current role.

How would you describe the experience of finding/starting a job during this time?

I have been getting notifications from Movemeon throughout the pandemic for roles that could potentially suit my experience, so I haven’t noticed anything significantly different to normal times.

One major difference, however, is the recruitment process, with remote interviews used in place of face to face. I would have arranged to have an informal coffee to chat about the role and potentially visit the office prior to the formal interview process at normal times, but I don’t think I’ve missed out on much by not having the physical and face to face meetings. I had a very pleasant first introductory video call with the CEO and COO with Reset Health and have all the information I need (apart from what the office looks like).

Do you have any advice for other people looking for a new job at a SME?

It is a cliche, but there is no place to hide in a SME so do make sure the industry and role you are after excites you.

It is also important to share similar work ethics and values with the typically small core teams in SMEs. Although it is very difficult to tell from a few remote interviews, always trust your gut feeling – conversations around how the team view success, tackled past challenges, personal experiences of hiring managers etc can tell you a lot about the culture.

How did you find the experience of being onboarded remotely? And if you had to give other people/companies one piece of advice for this, what would it be?

Reset Health adopts a digital HR platform so it has been a very straightforward process pre-employment wise. I think being able to meet the team face to face in my first few weeks will be beneficial for me personally, as it allows you to get to know your team more organically (as opposed to scheduled introduction with team members one after another). However, as the team has fairly flexible ways of working, I’m sure I’ll be able to adapt.

Did anything about the role change specifically because of COVID?

I would expect this to be a full time on-site role if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

I think the pandemic has certainly changed both employers’ and employees’ expectations – Reset Health embraces the working from home (or anywhere) culture, and their emphasis is very much on the outcome rather than presentism. I have also adopted the part on-site part at home working style and find that a lot more productive. No specific changes in benefits etc, as I am lucky enough to already have a home office set up with my current role.

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