Hired – Yohannes (ex-McKinsey) explains his journey to Verisure

Hired – Yohannes (ex-McKinsey) explains his journey to Verisure

Movemeon candidate spotlights are a series of articles focusing on member’s journeys into new opportunities. Here Yohannes explains his career journey and how he used movemeon to find his next role.

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“Yohannes is a positive and skilled movemeon member with lots of valuable tips to share if you’re looking for your next opportunity.

It’s been great working with you and I wish you all the best in your new role!”
– Laila, Verisure’s Client Success Manager

Where did you start your career?

I was born and raised in the UK and moved to Ethiopia 8 years ago where I helped build 2 family businesses and spent 3 years working for McKinsey & Company, a leading global management consulting firm.

What are your long term career goals?

I enjoy challenges, building new things and variety so in the long term, I see myself leading a firm or function/product line in a fast-growing industry.

What first attracted you to your new role?

There were 3 things that first attracted me to the Business Strategy Manager role with Verisure UK when I came across it on the Movemeon jobs board:

  • Start-up environment with PE backing
    I quite enjoyed the entrepreneurial nature of building family businesses. I wanted to return to that world but was concerned that my ability to drive impact would be hampered by a lack of resources. Joining Verisure UK, a fast-growing subsidiary of a multinational firm with private equity backing meant that I did not have a compromise.
  • Proven business model
    As Europe’s leading alarm system provider with over 3 million customers and a presence in 16 countries, it was clear that Verisure had a proven business model that I could help drive in the UK.
  • High exposure and potential for growth
    The role would report directly to the Marketing and Strategy Director with high exposure to the Country Managing Director both of which indicated that I would have real ownership and the opportunity to drive impact. The role also offered huge potential for career growth with a fast track to a Director position in the UK or overseas, something which I found very exciting.
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In your opinion how does Movemeon differ from other platforms/agencies?

I relied almost exclusively on Movemeon during my job search and there were three main reasons why. 

  1. Firstly, all the roles were tailored towards candidates with a management consulting background which meant I did not have to spend as much time in deciding whether I would be a good fit for a role or in communicating my value proposition. The fact that all of the vacancies on Movemeon had very clear and comprehensive job descriptions helped to make things even easier.
  2. Secondly, the roles advertised on the job board varied hugely across industries and functions, in fact, the only common factor was that they were all looking for ex-consultants! This exposed me to many different roles even in sectors and functions that I may not have normally considered, which helped broaden my perspectives whilst also honing in on what was really most important to me.
  3. Lastly, I found the ability to filter jobs across multiple criteria such as company size and culture very helpful because it allowed me to focus on fast-growing organizations/industries, a critical theme that emerged over the course of my search.

What advice would you give to other movemeon candidates?

There were a few things that worked well for me during my search.

  • Before beginning conversations I took the time to clarify exactly what I was looking for in a new role. This helped to focus my efforts during the initial search and made it easier to make a final decision on which option to pursue. I wanted to make sure that my criteria were narrow enough to allow me to focus but not too narrow that I would miss great opportunities so I limited myself to only 5 top requirements.
  • Next, I focused on exploring as much as possible within these requirements which meant applying to a lot of vacancies. I found that doing so allowed me to have lots of conversations with different companies. This meant that I was able to stress-test my criteria and learn more about which attributes companies find most (and least!) attractive in ex-consultants. It was also a lot of fun!
  • During these conversations, I wanted to get a picture of both the company and the role that was as clear as possible in order to allow me to make the most informed decision. To do this, I made sure to always ask as many detailed and probing questions as possible, essentially ‘interviewing’ my interviewers.

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