Hiring Advice: What you need to pay

Hiring Advice: What you need to pay

Many of the 2,000+ employers who partner with us regularly ask us questions like: “What’s a reasonable package for this role?” or “How much should I pay this candidate”.

We analysed data from 34,945 responses to answer this question.



In all company types, the proportion of the value of total compensation made up by the ‘cash’ (i.e, basic salary + bonus) element, decreases with seniority. This is particularly stark in start-ups and private equity, where the majority of the value of compensation at senior levels is in equity. The trend is the same in corporates but to a lesser extent.



Consulting earnings are on average £45-270k, depending on seniority and the type of consulting firm. At junior levels, corporates and consultancies pay better than start-ups. However, the opposite is true at senior levels in a start-up. This is driven by the value of equity. Up to Manager level, consulting pay exceeds corporate and start-up pay; eclipsed only by private equity. However, senior-level consultants are paid between 10-30% less than their peers ‘in the industry’ – both corporates & start-ups – as the value of share options kicks in.



The average senior analyst-level salary in a large consultancy is £52k. If you are a consultant with McKinsey, Bain or BCG, that number is even higher – closer to £60k. If you’re hiring a consultant for a start-up role, this might also look less attractive to senior analyst level consultants, as the average start-up salary is £31k, compared to £52k at the same level in a large consultancy.



However, start-ups are a wildly popular exit choice. Just in the last month, 908 start-up applications were submitted on movemeon. An associate role will start at £46k compared to £77k and a managerial level position will pay on average £91k vs £109k per annum.

On movemeon, jobs in these industries are the most frequently posted types of opportunities. However, regardless of the average wages at these levels in these industries, you need to be realistic about what you will be new employees. Some businesses in the start-up stage would not be able to afford to pay the best salaries. However, start-ups are an extremely popular option for consultants.


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