Employer Spotlight – Vouchedfor

Employer Spotlight – Vouchedfor


In your own words please describe what VouchedFor does:

VouchedFor is a marketplace that helps people find the best financial and legal advisers, for help with life’s biggest decisions – from buying your first house to retiring and everything in between! We are backed by great investors whose previous successes include Shazam, Zoopla, eBay, Lovefilm and Betfair (and we are profitable, which is rare among start-ups/scale-ups!)


What is your role at VouchedFor?

I look after Product – covering all of VouchedFor’s consumer and adviser facing web apps (as well as products for our sister companies, Hatch and Pension Advice Vouchers!)


How would you describe your experience there?

I joined VouchedFor after nearly 7 years in the corporate world (5 at a major bank, and 2 years of consulting). So joining a start-up was a very refreshing and challenging change of pace for me! I’ve learned so much in the last 3 years of working here – and I love working in a small, fast-paced, dynamic team where the impact you can have is instant.


Why did you join VouchedFor?

The biggest motivation for me was that I really bought into the problem that VouchedFor is solving as a company, and I wanted to help solve it. Having worked in financial services for the whole of my career, I was frustrated with the lack of transparency, quality and simplicity in the financial advice world – especially because it’s an area that can so significantly impact peoples’ lives! I also wanted a role where I would be empowered to really own product decisions at both a strategic and everyday level.


How would you describe the culture and values?

We like to set ourselves big ambitious goals – and find creative ways to hit them. We’re all about autonomy – giving teams everything they need to hit their goals and enabling them to make decisions on how to get there. Lastly, it’s a very open culture – we share our learnings, as well as our successes!


What kind of person would suit working at VouchedFor?

Someone who is willing to roll their sleeves up and get involved! They will enjoy working collaboratively as part of a team and working at a rapid pace. They will be happy juggling multiple priorities – switching between solving complex strategic problems one minute and sketching wireframes the next!


Where do you see the company going in future?

We want to make financial and legal advice as excellent as it can be. Working with the thousands of advisers on our platform, who are driven and excited to be the best they can be, we’ll continue to build on our strong tech capability and use the pioneering business model we have in Hatch, to really disrupt and innovate in the advice market.


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