How Movemeon works: The magic of machine learning algorithms for easier job discovery

How Movemeon works: The magic of machine learning algorithms for easier job discovery

Movemeon was built to help candidates find great roles easily. Hopefully, you’ve noticed by now, but we’re a bit different to traditional job boards:


  • We’re focused on the quality of our interactions. Our average candidate looks at 3.5 jobs per month and applies to 4.2 jobs per year
  • Central to keeping these interactions high quality is finding ways to continually increase the relevance of jobs you’re seeing – that’s where algorithms and machine learning come in.
  • We’re improving our algorithms to help the site learn what jobs you’re interested in
  • We use algorithms to match jobs to candidates.
  • These algorithms are based on the preferences of our candidates. However, we learnt that static preferences (i.e., completed when a candidate signs-up) diminish in their relevance.


Snapshot of a candidate preference page

As such, we’ve introduced some machine learning to keep your preferences up to date. What does our machine learning algorithm actually look for?


  • Our machine learning algorithm teaches our platform which jobs you’d like to hear about
  • Before we implemented our machine learning algorithm, we started by analysing over 148 million data points to see what candidates are interested in. Based on your behaviour on our site, we’ve updated your preferences – we’ve added any obvious preferences that were missing.
  • Now that we are sure that this is a good way to help you discover relevant jobs, our machine learning algorithm also tracks the jobs you look at, so we can continue to refine the opportunities you see.
  • Each time you view a job, we keep a track of its key characteristics. There’s a machine running in the background that is constantly updating your preferences based on this. Don’t worry, it’s intelligent – it won’t update a preference if you just have a look at a random job. It looks for patterns – and our key rule is 3 strikes and you’re interested!
  • Don’t worry, everything is very transparent: you can view what we’ve put as your suggested preferences any time here, and we only use this data to show you jobs that better match your interests!


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