How to secure your dream job on Movemeon

How to secure your dream job on Movemeon

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We know looking for a job is stressful and time-consuming and in the consulting industry time is a limiting factor. What’s more time-consuming than turning up for an interview for a job you didn’t want in the first place? (PureGym’s hire Laura, experienced just this previously with a traditional recruitment agency). Movemeon was created to cut out the middleman, get rid of cold calls, be more transparent and help you get closer to your dream job. 

sabah client success manager

Sabah, Client Success Manager 
– Candidate Experience

gaby client success manager movemeon

Gaby, Client Success Manager 
– Learning & Development 

Here’s how it works:

How can I find out about new opportunities through movemeon?

So you’ve registered and are now looking for interesting opportunities. We market roles on our platform in several ways:

Individual emails matching your preferences

These preferences allow you to be informed about new opportunities matching your interests/experience when they are posted. You’ll receive an email each time a job matches your preferences.

  • How can I change my preferences? You can easily change your preferences in the ‘my preferences’ tab at the top of your account.
  • How can I turn job alerts on? In account settings, you can easily turn job alerts on and off as well as other email notifications.
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My Preferences page – scroll down to the e-mail preferences tab.

Keep up to date with our newsletter

Our tailored newsletter is sent to you once a week detailing new live jobs and community insights. This is based on your seniority and location.


As success managers, we also send targeted invites within the platform to candidates we feel are relevant for each role. You’ll have full disclosure of the brand, requirements and have complete freedom to apply if interested.

  • How do I know if I’ve been invited to apply for a role? You’ll receive an email with information on the opportunity. You can view which roles you’ve been invited for via your account.

Check out the jobs page on your account.

You can filter by your preferences, function, industry, salary and location etc. The latest jobs will appear at the top of the jobs page.

So you’ve found your dream job, what happens to my application?

  • How do I know my application was made successfully? Keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email. Also, check your applications tab, this shows all your applications and the stage they are in. 
  • Where does my application go? Employers can view your CV, cover note as well as some details about your profile.
    Here is an example:
movemeon product platform startup tech
Employer account – Application view.
  • When will I hear back? We aim to get you an update within 10 days of receiving your application. If you do not hear back within that time period, let us know and we will do our best to get you an update.

How are my applications viewed and shortlisted?

We review CVs and covers notes, shortlisting candidate profiles based on the job requirements of the role. We then discuss our shortlist with the employer and decide on next steps.

We use cover notes to help us shortlist Please highlight each requirement and briefly explain how you meet the criteria. This is your chance to step ahead of the crowd – so tell us what you are good at!

Sabah – Client Success Manager

How do you communicate with the employer and how frequently?

Communication is key to ensuring the best experience for both candidates and employers. One of the most effective ways to provide the most valuable feedback is by phone.

  • We have a dedicated half-hour client call: The aim of the call is to get a shortlist together and to send interview invites. Around a week after the role goes live, we schedule the call to discuss profiles in detail and to highlight your best bits to them. 
  • We advise you to apply early. Although we maintain communication throughout the process, this call is scheduled to decide on an initial shortlist. The early bird gets the worm! 
cv research recruiting movemeon gaze tracking

Research carried out by the Ladders suggests the average time spent reading a CV is just 6 seconds, and most other recruiters will take less than 30!

They want to interview you, what to expect?

You will receive an email from us when your status is changed to “interviewing” on the platform. There are two ways in which you may hear back:

  • The employer may reach out directly: When you apply, the employer has direct access to your application (one of the ways we’re different from other agencies). This means that they can review your profile and reach out to you directly. Please make sure to keep an eye on your inbox and junk folder!
  • We may introduce you to the employer via your email: We may send you an email with the employer copied in. We’ll ask you for your availability – please give as many dates and times as possible so the employer can find a time that fits their diary.

Movemeon allows the employer to take full ownership of the interview process, and often the first step is to request a phone interview. Make sure you do a bit of research into the company beforehand.

Gaby, Client Success Manager

We understand how stressful finding a new job can be, and We’re here to help!

We hope you have found this article helpful and you now have a better understanding of our platform.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

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