Employer Spotlight – Bloom at Work

Employer Spotlight – Bloom at Work

Bloom at Work puts the employee at the centre of the company.
With Bloom, leaders (Managers & HR) can know in real time how their collaborators are doing at work and what could be done to improve their situations. We help them take action at every level of their organizations, as well as involving and empowering all employees.


What is your role at Bloom at Work?

I’m the CEO and Founder of Bloom at Work


How would you describe your experience there?

Like the best one ever?!
We learn every day, we share our expertise, we improve ourselves… and we have a lot of fun!


Why did you create Bloom at Work?

While working at McKinsey, we had the chance to experience a pulse survey during our engagement. During a nightmarish engagement, these regular and short surveys help me to not burn out. This is why I decide to share this methodology and create Bloom at Work.


What is your favourite thing about the company?

Only one favourite thing?
If I can pick up two of them, I would say: Making the employees of the companies we are working with fulfilled at work and… my team ! I’m very proud of us and what we are doing!


How would you describe the culture and values?

At Bloom at Work, we aim to “Bring the best of others”: we are a humble, caring and fun team player. Each member of our team is unique, authentic and willing to excel at any time.

Build & Learn is our mojo: we are ambitious yet pragmatic achievers.


What kind of person would suit working at Bloom at Work, and what kind of person might the environment not suit?

Brilliant jerks!
Otherwise, everybody is welcome: come as you are 😉



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