Reflections on Movemeon’s own recruiting: Tips for job hunters

Reflections on Movemeon’s own recruiting: Tips for job hunters

At the moment, movemeon is recruiting for 6 new roles in our team. The office is almost constantly abuzz with Skype chats (are we managing to do anything else, I wonder?). As a business on a mission to disrupt recruitment, it’s always interesting to reflect on what we learn doing our own recruitment.

Here are a few thoughts for candidates. I’ve also jotted down some notes for you hiring managers out there – you can see them here.

1. You are not alone.

We were astonished by just how many candidates are interested in joining our team (100s bordering if not 1000+ within a week). Yes, the roles aren’t particularly specialist. And yes we were relatively broad-reaching in our advertising. But even for more specialist roles that you find through more specialist channels (like movemeon), always keep in mind that you are not alone in your interest.

2. So take the time to stand out.

Anyone can spot a generic application a mile off. If you aren’t truly interested in an opportunity, just don’t do it. Those who get to interview take that little bit more time to tailor what they send. That way they stand out. This applies for absolutely any role – if you’re a great fit and genuinely excited to chat with the company, spend the 30 mins extra it takes to put your best foot forward.

3. Come with good questions.

When I am interviewing, I take real note of the questions that the candidate asks me. It reveals not just if they’ve thought about the business but also how they think. I pay as much if not more attention to the questions they ask as I do to how they answer mine.

4. Focus on your 1st impression.

There are lots written about the need for interview processes to be objective and capability-based i.e, the best person for the job might not be someone you personally warm to. Google (and others) have developed all sorts of data-driven techniques to remove subjectivity. But the vast vast majority of hiring remains extremely subjective. People hire people they like. And it is understandable – in a small business or a team within a large business, people want to work with people they get on with. It’s human nature. And we generally form an opinion as to whether we ‘like’ someone within a few minutes of meeting them (some research argues for seconds rather than minutes). If you can achieve 1 thing from an interview, it’s getting the interviewer to like you.

We have written a lot more advice on the topic of interviewing, such as this article on the importance of preparation to success.

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