We speak to Saikat, ex-Accenture Director of Strategic Programs at IncentiaPay

We speak to Saikat, ex-Accenture Director of Strategic Programs at IncentiaPay

Movemeon has a great offering, I’m not surprised the word-of-mouth continues to spread! 

Saikat Ghosh
Director, Strategic Programs – IncentiaPay

Congrats on the new role, Saikat! In your own words, could you tell us about your new role?

I’ve just joined IncentiaPay, an ASX-listed group that operates the “Entertainment” business and brand. Founded in 1994, as The Entertainment Book, our company has evolved to become Australia and New Zealand’s premier offers and rewards marketplace.

My role is all about understanding our member and merchant partners’ needs, their objectives and their challenges, and then making sure that Entertainment always puts its best foot forward to help them address these.

How do you view your experience at Accenture as a phase in your early career? 

When I was in college, Accenture was the only company I had ever wanted to work for. After completing my MBA I applied to only one company and was lucky enough to spend three years working in the best environment a fresher can ask for. Looking back, I’d say that strategy consulting was a great move for me – everything I learnt during my MBA had a real-world use, and I enjoyed using my skills to make an impact for clients. There’s no other career that provides such diverse learning in such a short time.

I found the skills I honed in consulting set me up really well for founding my own digital marketing business. Which in turn set me up perfectly for this new role at IncentiaPay! 

What are you hoping to accomplish in your new role?

I’m looking forward to applying what I have seen and experienced across different industries and business models to help the team find solutions to their particular challenges. I am hoping to accomplish our next phase of growth using the principles I’ve learnt over two decades in similar domains.

When you are not working, what keeps you engaged?

Having moved to New Zealand just a few years ago, I am still discovering the wealth of outdoor activities this country offers. When I’m not working, you’ll find me kayaking or fishing on the waterfront, tending to my garden or trekking on one of the Great Walk routes.

How did you find out about Movemeon?

Through word-of-mouth, I was referred by a friend who had just completed a great freelance project for an Australian company, which he found through Movemeon. It’s a great offering, I’m not surprised the word continues to spread! 

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