Employer Spotlight – ShARE

Employer Spotlight – ShARE



In your own words please describe what ShARE does.

ShARE is set up as a dual company, with an education arm and a consulting arm. While the education arm aims at growing future leaders, the consulting arms advise current leaders.

We work with the private sector on growth issues – new business, new countries, new business models on topics which are coherent to our purpose. We also advise governments and international institutions on policy and strategy issues on education, infrastructure, economic development.


What is ShARE’s vision?

ShARE’s purpose is to reconcile the world of Do Well (“corporate world”) and the Do Good (“the social world”). We believe that doing well for yourself and doing good for society is compatible and can be done at the same time.

We achieve this purpose by targeting top universities around the world and offering to ~1000 students over 15 countries a leadership programme that complements their academic studies and give them the tools, the skills and the exposure to become Do Well Do Good leaders. The goal is to reach 10 000 in the next few years.

We are honoured to have Tony Blair and Hailemariam, the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia, as Global mentors of ShARE.


Can you give us an example of projects?

We worked on microgrid potential of Indonesia with a power company, smart cities opportunities in India for an automotive company; we looked at the education sector in Ethiopia for a newly established foundation and advised institutions on innovations systems in Africa. We are now working for the presidency of West African countries on their education system roadmap.

Our clients in the private sector are typically ExCo of large MNCs, and we work with senior officials in government including ministers and presidential advisors.


What makes ShARE a good place to work for top-tier consultants?

For the consulting team, it is a great opportunity to work only on growth and strategy questions for the private sector in places like India, China, Indonesia, Brazil or Africa, but also to advise governments on issues that could have a huge impact on their citizen.

Our consultants are also directly in touch with the students who are following the ShARE programme. It is a great opportunity to shape their future and mentor them.

The work-life balance of our consultants is also better than tier 1 consulting companies. Our consultants arrive at 9 am and usually end work at 7 pm (except when there is a big rush).

Finally, we work in English, and the team is very international. Our scope is the world. Most of our consultants have done some travelling in India, China, and Africa within their first 6 months. We just opened an office in Africa, and we are on the way to open an office in India and China.

Movemeon has been very helpful to spot talents. We already hired 4 consultants – 3 ex McKinsey and 1 ex-Bain- including our partner Patrice Navarre, who has worked at McKinsey for more than 10 years. We are also interviewing candidates for India that we sourced from Movemeon.


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