What are the most popular jobs on Movemeon? (Top 3 roles and requirements)

What are the most popular jobs on Movemeon? (Top 3 roles and requirements)

Here at Movemeon, we see a lot of jobs. We also see a lot of applications. Being an online, data-driven business, we like to study the (anonymous) behaviour we observe, and we like to use it to improve our service. This time, I thought I’d take a look at the most popular jobs on movemeon, and give some tips for anyone looking for similar positions.

Top 3 jobs on Movemeon

Using the number of members who view any given job, and the number of applications received by individual jobs, here are the 3 most popular jobs titles of all time:

  1. VC Associate (similar live role on Movemeon: PE Associate)
  2. PE Associate Director (similar live role on Movemeon: Director at a consultancy)
  3. Senior Strategy Advisor (similar live role on Movemeon: Senior Business Consultant)

If you’ve read our article on the industries and functions that are most popular with (ex-)consultants, you won’t be surprised by these job titles. As we’ve repeatedly observed, Private Equity & Venture Capital are two of consultants’ most desired exit industries. As for strategy, it is the number one function both in terms of candidate preferences on our site and in terms of the applications submitted on Movemeon.

Since these jobs were so popular, I took another look at their job descriptions. You’ll find the best bits below. For anyone looking for a similar position, I’ve also included the 3 key requirements you must meet to be able to apply.


“This is an exciting opportunity to join a market leading VC fund, looking for an associate. The fund is behind Spotify and Facebook, to name a few. Your role will be to uncover new start-ups to invest in, and to partner with entrepreneurs, post-investment to help them realise their huge potential. This is an amazing opportunity to be at the forefront of some of the most exciting businesses on the planet.”


  • 3-5 years’ experience at a top-tier consulting firm or VC/Growth Equity.
  • Passion for early-stage companies; good understanding of tech industry.
  • Driven self-starter who enjoys networking.


“Successful investment identification in a high-conviction strategy like ours requires creativity and a high degree of persistence. However, we find that this is consistent with maintaining a sensible work-life balance.”


  • 3-4 years top tier consulting post-MBA.
  • Familiarity with detailed financial modelling, valuation and private equity deal processes.


“This is an amazing opportunity to impact the future of the fastest-growing enterprise business in the world. With revenues of $7bn, your work will be focused on helping key strategic accounts get the most from our company.”


  • 10+ years of experience with at least 3+ years in a top-tier strategy consulting firm.
  • Ability to create and quantify insights, and effectively communicate recommendations to CxOs.
  • Strong influencing capabilities combined with self-leadership potential.

Looking for your next opportunity? Take a look at the jobs on Movemeon – there are currently 57 live opportunities in strategy, 31 in consultancy & 55 in a start-up. Hiring periods are much more infrequent in PE & VC, so you can also set up job alerts on Movemeon, to make sure you are amongst the first to see a PE/VC opening.


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