The Movemeon invitation e-mail explained

The Movemeon invitation e-mail explained

What is the invitation email?

The invitation email is sent by employers through the movemeon platform. It is a request to apply for their roles if they are of interest to you.  The email is sent using our invite candidate tool, which is available to all movemeon employers. It allows employers to view an anonymous summary of your work history online and then if they think you would be a good fit for their roles, invite you to apply via a quick e-mail.

You will only receive invitation emails if you complete your profile, and choose to make it visible. This creates a shortened, anonymous version employers can discover when they search for certain skills on our platform. We built the invite candidate tool based on candidate feedback – it is designed in a way that makes sure you don’t receive unwanted spam or cold calls.


Does being invited to apply for a role mean the company wants to interview me?

When the employer uses the invite candidate tool they can only see an anonymous version of your profile, with the information you decided to share. If you have received an invitation, the hiring manager thinks that there is a good chance you’ll be a great fit for the role. But they will decide whether to progress you based on your full profile: once you apply they will be able to see your full CV.

The more information you put in your anonymous profile, the higher the chances that you are invited to opportunities that match your skills and preferences – and so also the chances that the invitation turns into a first-round interview.

The most important sections of your profile are highlighted in the screenshot below:

  1. Use the “I am looking for” box to go into as much detail as you can. This will assist hiring managers in inviting you to relevant opportunities.
  2. Regularly update your “Summary” with your latest experiences, projects and skills.
  3. Complete the “Languages” section in full – employers often consider fluency in target languages a plus when inviting candidates to apply for their roles.




Who sends the invitations?

Usually, it is the hiring manager/recruiter for the given position. Occasionally, employers might ask us to send invitations instead – in this case, it is the relevant movemeon Client Success Manager, following the instructions of the hiring manager.


Is the invite candidate email the best way to discover jobs?

The best way to discover a job is the job alert; the email you receive every time a job that matches your interests is published on movemeon.

It’s really important that your preferences are up-to-date, so you receive relevant job alerts and invites. The screenshot below shows a focused preferences page.


My preferences


This is also the page where you can turn job alerts on or off, and decide whether you want employers to be able to discover your anonymous profile.

If you have been invited to positions that closely match your profile, but you haven’t received alerts for the same opportunities, you should turn on job alerts by clicking here.


Movemeon was founded by McKinsey colleagues, Nick Patterson & Rich Rosser.

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