Employer – Victoria Markewitz (Business Development Principal) talks to us about life at ViaVan

Employer – Victoria Markewitz (Business Development Principal) talks to us about life at ViaVan

Movemeon employer spotlights are a series of articles highlighting our clients. They detail the internal company culture, employee experience and outline their ideal candidate.

Here, we speak to Victoria, the Business Development Principal for ViaVan.

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In your own words please describe what ViaVan does. 

At ViaVan we revolutionize the way people move around cities. Our technology provides a solution for the “smarter bus”: in real-time it matches passengers who are travelling in a similar direction in one vehicle. We thus help our partners, like public transport operators and cities, transform their mobility offerings and stay competitive in the 21st century.

What is your role at ViaVan? 

As a Business Development Principal, I am responsible for driving ViaVan’s partnerships with European public transport operators and cities.

How would you describe your experience there? 

I particularly enjoy my role because every day is different and confronts me with a new challenge. This could be from cold-outreach, speaking at conferences in Copenhagen, leading partner workshops in Norway, or negotiating contracts for Malta.

While working with various teams across the ViaVan family-like product, finance, or legal, I can definitely say: my days never get boring!

Why did you join ViaVan? 

Having been a management consultant before joining ViaVan, I knew that I wanted to continue having a client-facing role, still enjoy some business trips, but also have a much better work-life balance. Additionally, during my days in consulting, I developed a strong passion not only for transportation but specifically for innovative mobility models. Spending 100% of my time on mobility topics at ViaVan and working together with our (potential) partners was the best fit I could have found.

What’s your favourite thing about ViaVan? 

My favourite thing about working for ViaVan is that I get the chance to solve one of the biggest challenges cities face today: congestion and pollution while working alongside some of the smartest but also the nicest people I have ever worked with.

How would you describe the culture and values? 

At ViaVan, we care a lot about equality, responsibility, sustainability, collaborativeness & humbleness. It’s part of our mission that we believe things are better when shared, but we also want all of our teammates to take on their own initiatives and have real ownership of their responsibilities.

What kind of person would suit working at ViaVan, and what kind of person might the environment not suit? 

The ideal person succeeding at ViaVan would be someone who has excelled at most things they’ve tried before, is naturally curious, down for anything (yes, this could sometimes mean doing work that is not included in the job description), willing to roll up his or her sleeves, passionate for mobility, and a true international and inter-office team player.

Someone who expects similar every-day routines prefers working on tasks alone, or isn’t up for new spontaneous challenges would probably not enjoy the ViaVan environment as much.

Sabrina, ViaVan’s Client Success Manager
“The Berlin team is absolutely passionate about what they are doing. It was great to visit them in their modern, open-plan office in central Berlin. I believe ViaVan is only starting with their urban transport revolution and I am excited to see them growing in Germany!”

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