Employer – Craig, talks to us about life at Welbeck

Employer – Craig, talks to us about life at Welbeck

Movemeon employer spotlights are a series of articles highlighting our clients. They detail the internal company culture, employee experience and outline their ideal candidate.

Here, we speak to Craig, the Commercial Director for Welbeck Health Partners.

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In your own words, please tell us a bit about Welbeck Health Partners.

We are a company that runs private outpatient and day-patient multi-speciality medical centres. We were founded about 5 years ago, and we opened our first centre, OneWelbeck, in Central London in June 2019.  

What have you liked about working with Movemeon and what makes us distinctive/stand out from others?

Sabah and the team were very keen to understand us as a company; who we are and what we are looking for. You offered almost a recruitment consulting service. You also have a very talented pool of candidates. I’ve used different channels before; different recruitment consultants and direct approaches through LinkedIn.

On a very consistent basis, you had a higher quality of candidates, and I wasn’t surprised that the successful candidate, Holly, came from you in the end.

Additionally, of all the companies we’ve worked with, you were the most understanding of changing requirements. As a startup, our company is developing quickly, so what we were looking for also changed. As a fellow startup, you were most understanding not just of how we could change the job advert, but also of the fact that startup needs change. Some of the more traditional recruitment consultancies found that frustrating, but you were more aware of the needs of a small company.

What was your impression of the quality & relevance of candidates?

We got some very good candidates from you! If anything, I think we were actually at the junior end of where you typically recruit. Holly had about 4 years of experience. Many of your candidates are higher up the chain, even one below C-suite and director level. We had some candidates from that level – it was flattering that they chose to apply, but they were a bit overqualified for what we were looking for.

Would you recommend Movemeon?

Definitely, and I would happily use you again too. You were cheaper than the recruitment consultants as well, which was definitely a great thing for us! 

Much of our recruitment is at the junior levels at the moment, so we would just need to make sure that the job is pitched at the right level on your platform.

What is the best piece of hiring advice you’ve ever received?

Recruit A+ players, and always people that are better than yourself. This is something that I’ve tried to stick to, and I can already tell Holly will be further ahead on the career ladder in 10 years’ time than me!

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

My old manager always used to draw a circle on a piece of paper to represent the world, and a small dot to represent you – to illustrate the point that whatever is going in is just a tiny piece of the puzzle. There’s more to life out there; don’t take yourself too seriously!

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