What does the Movemeon team do?

What does the Movemeon team do?

Heres how Movemeon’s departments work and what they do

The Movemeon workforce is split into 5 main departments which we call pods:

1. Growth

The growth team partners with and onboards new businesses, optimises job descriptions, maintains client relationships and provides ongoing support

2. Client & Candidate Success

The client success team tailors job descriptions, advertise’s them to candidates on Movemeon.com and sends the employer shortlisted applications within 48 hours, and often sooner.

Candidate experience is a sub-division of the CSM teams and focuses solely on providing great candidate experience, supporting and highlighting our members.

3. Marketing

The marketing team creates valuable content and experiences tailored to Movemeon members, in the form of articles, videos, reports and exclusive newsletters. Marketing also partners with leading organisations to provide content on topics outside of Movemeon.

4. Freelance

This team provides dedicated service for freelance professionals and clients looking to hire strategic and commercial professionals.

5. Geographies

These teams provide all of the above, but are native to and focused on these countries:

France – France, Belgium
DACH – Germany, Austria
APAC – Asia Pacific

6. Operations

The operations team review all our new joiner applications, and supports the wider team internally.

Movemeon has a diverse network of over 40,000 strategic and commercial professionals, Get in touch if you are looking to hire.


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