What is the most popular ‘post consulting’ industry?

What is the most popular ‘post consulting’ industry?

What is the most popular ‘post consulting’ industry? Last week we posted a poll asking the question – “What’s your dream post-consulting industry?” Take a look to find out what the most popular industries for consultants.

Private Equity is a well known post-consulting option. This industry came out on top with 28% of the votes; if you’re interested in making a move into PE, read our top tips to break in. Another career option for consultants to move to is Startups, which have always been a popular option. This industry came in at 2nd with 19% of the votes.

Also of significant interest were the Technology, E-commerce and Energy and Environment sectors, with over 20% of the votes between them. The most surprising aspect of this poll, however, was to see the Boutique Consultancy option only receiving 3% of the votes. It can be difficult for boutique firms to compete with the powerful employer brands of the larger consultancies; however, there are lots of pragmatic steps boutiques can take, including emphasising strengths that the larger firms can’t compete with: work-life balance for one; faster progression and greater responsibility and impact, among others.

We’ve written an article on why smaller boutique strategy houses can open more doors. Also do get in touch if you’d like us to help in this area, as this is something we have done lots of work on recently: info@movemeon.com

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