What’s it like working at Police Now? – Movemeon speaks to Joni, Chief Operating Officer

What’s it like working at Police Now? – Movemeon speaks to Joni, Chief Operating Officer

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Police Now’s recent Movemeon hire brings strong management consulting background, experience in public service reform and independent social enterprises. Joni is now looking to hire for her own team!

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 “I used Movemeon to find my next role as COO and now im hiring for my own team. Prior to my role at Police Now, I was a management consultant focused on public service reform and setting up independent social enterprises and charities.” 

Chief Operating Officer

In your own words, please describe what Police Now does and how they have grown.

Police Now’s mission is to transform communities by recruiting, developing and inspiring leaders in policing. We are working towards a day when every community, whatever the socio-economic background of its neighbourhoods, can thrive without residents being fearful of crime, and where police forces are truly representative of their communities. Launched in 2014, Police Now trains diverse graduates and career changers with leadership potential to be inspirational police officers and outstanding crime fighters on our National Graduate Leadership Programme as well as our new National Detective Programme. After spinning out as an independent social enterprise in 2016, we’ve experienced rapid growth having recruited over 1000 officers to date, and now have over 100 staff and work with 30 forces across England and Wales. 

What is your current role at Police Now and what were you doing before?

I am Police Now’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), which means I’m responsible for managing our business infrastructure and daily operations. This includes finance, HR, IT, legal, compliance, governance, transformation, research & insight and operating model. As well as this, I focus on developing Police Now’s Strategy with the CEO and Board and incubate and test new initiatives. Prior to my role at Police Now, I was a management consultant focused on public service reform and setting up independent social enterprises and charities. 

How would you describe your experience and what were your first impressions?

My first impressions can be wrapped into 3 words: inspiring, authentic and challenging. I have been blown away by the passion and talent of our staff and the authentic leadership demonstrated across the organisation from our Founder and CEO through to our most junior colleagues. Everyone is here to achieve our mission. It has been a real change moving from consulting to a rapidly growing company, testing me in ways I couldn’t have imagined, but it’s been a wonderful challenge. 

What motivated you to join Police Now, and what do you enjoy most about working there?

I wanted real responsibility and the opportunity to develop as a true leader. That didn’t mean simply seeking out something that gave me significant business responsibilities, but somewhere where I’d be held accountable for making tangible, positive changes to peoples’ lives. I want to change the world, and Police Now has given me the opportunity to do that. 

What is the Police Now culture like and what are the values?

Everything we do aims to reflect our values: Believe, Achieve, Develop. We believe anything is possible and that anyone can make a difference, we take smart risks to try new things, and we communicate in an honest, direct and compassionate way. Given the rapid growth of Police Now, we’re currently on a journey of embedding our values into our day-to-day work, as well as our formal processes and structures. Overall, I’d say the culture is one of social-focus, hard-work, entrepreneurialism and friendship. 

Where has Police Now been and where do you see it going?

Police Now has been on a remarkable journey, having been incubated as a tiny team in the Metropolitan Police Service to now being number 47 in the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers with over 100 staff. Given the needs of the policing sector at the moment and the focus on increasing police officer numbers, it’s important for us to be as responsive as possible to our partner forces and the wider policing sector, whilst focusing on the quality and diversity of our participants. 

What kind of person would suit working at Police Now, and what kind of person might the environment not suit?

As a fast-growing organisation, we look for a diverse group of individuals who have an entrepreneurial but professional style and take personal and collective ownership of transforming communities seriously. We work in some very challenging environments with a significant amount of ambiguity, so our staff need to be resilient and able to deal with uncertainty and change. It’s also important to us that all staff contribute actively to making Police Now an inclusive and great place to work. 

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