Who’s hiring ex-consultants?

Who’s hiring ex-consultants?
Sometimes a company has not yet been converted to “consultants” if they never hired one (they don’t know what they are missing yet!). Through applications on movemeon, we have discovered what industries and functions are the most popular amongst consultants. We recently released a poll asking what the most popular post-consulting industry is, you can find the results here.

Case in point: I once heard a recruiter saying: ” We are an old, stable and successful family-owned business so we’ll always stay far away from consultants.”

If you want to apply for a new role, make sure that you know what companies are likely to respond positively to your application. There are several ways to find those companies, whatever type of role you are looking for (startup/entrepreneurship, corporate, PE,…).

  • The list of all the employers that used Movemeon. There are hundreds of names and the good news is that a lot of them have roles live right now on Movemeon.com so you just need 2 minutes to check them out.
  • Your consulting firm client list. If a company hires a consulting firm, they would probably be happy to cut costs and hire a consultant directly, either permanently or as a freelancer.
  • LinkedIn. You don’t necessarily need a premium account to find out where ex-consultants from different consulting firms are working. Go to the Search page and click on “Past Company” on the left sidebar – you can pick a few consulting firms and see where their alumni are. Then you type any company name and check if they hired consulting alumni.
  • Your consulting firm directory of alumni. You can often sort by industry and find out the names of the employers
  • Leaving emailsIt’s a good idea to file all the leaving emails that your colleagues send out when they move on. That way you have an easy list of companies who’ve recently hired someone with very similar experience to you!
  • Consider freelanceIf you’ve mentally checked out of consulting, you don’t have to wait for the perfect permanent job to crop up. There is a booming market for freelancers to do project work (typically projects that aren’t big enough or don’t have sufficient budget to justify a consulting team). Freelance can be a great way to fill the gap between consulting and your next permanent role and – more often than not – the network you develop via freelancing uncovers that opportunity. Better still, you love working at a certain client and they’d like to take you on permanently! If you’re interested in how to get into freelancing, you can discover more here.


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