Megan celebrates her new role at HelloFresh!

“As a generalist who key job criteria is “interesting”, my job searching is long and laborious. After hours spent trawling through boring and unsuitable jobs, movemeon was a welcome relief! It was as though someone had completed my job search and was presenting me with a shortlist to apply to. It was also a lovely touch to get a congratulations email, and dinner to celebrate.”

– Megan, who moved from Fundraising Direct to a Global Operations Manager role at HelloFresh.

Movemeon helped Megan celebrate and picked up the bill for herself and her boyfriend at Katz Orange in Berlin:

The universe must have owed me a favour, because I arrived in Berlin to start my exciting new job on exactly the same weekend that my boyfriend, who recently moved to California for his new job, was in Europe! He managed to swing a 14 hour layover in Berlin to celebrate my new job with me. After a few hours of working up an appetite by dashing around the city’s sights in the rain, we headed to the warm and inviting atmosphere of Katz Orange for dinner. Despite a rather unfriendly waitress, we feasted on some delicious food and savoured some wonderful wine. With 2 new jobs, and 2 new countries, we had plenty to celebrate and very much appreciated an excuse to have an indulgent dinner together.



If you landed a job through movemeon, why not celebrate on us too? And if you’re thinking about moving jobs, make sure you’re a movemeon member – it’s free & exclusively for consultants & alumni!

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