Supporting charities and NGOs with strategy, management and growth.

Movemeon's Pro Bono Professionals


500+ strategic and commercial professionals providing services for free to Charities and NGOs.
Supporting the likes of Doctors Without Borders, NHS, UN Women, ChildAid, We Create Space, Generation, ComoAyudar, and much more.

Aim: To provide free support to as many Charities and NGOs as possible.

Story: During the first lockdown in the UK,  Jack Fitch and Clare Tsangari launched the nonprofit side of Movemeon, Consultants Against COVID-19 (now titled Movemeon’s Pro Bono Professionals). They sent a call out for Movmeon’s large network of strategic and commercial professionals to come forward, offer their time and expertise, and provide much-needed support to charities and NGOs.

Services: Guided by the experience during the pandemic, our professionals will tailor their services to meet your needs. This can also be in the form of a consulting team to explore your strategic questions if needed, or individual executive mentoring, growth scaling, analysis, advisory support for a specific project.

🎉  The total savings in services provided to charities and NGOs have now hit over £1m!


All you need to do is email Gloria ( and mention the following:

  1. Summarise your organization
  2. Detail a problem or project you need support with, including any specific skills needed
  3. Provide a contact email address

Then the interested professionals will reach out to you directly to offer support – Sound good?

Speak to Gloria for more information, contact


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Advisory to part-time support

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Industry expertise

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Pro Bono Team

Migrated my way up to vibrant north London from leafy Surrey. Passionate about design, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and making noise as an out-of-hours drummer.

Clare Tsangari

Design Manager

Born in Congo, moved to the UK aged 4. Family orientated and God-fearing with the desire to travel the world and swim with dolphins someday.

Gloria Ngolo

Growth Operations Manager

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