Stas celebrates his role at Gartner

“Movemeon is an excellent site to utilize in your job search process, as it is targeted exactly at a specific group of candidates. Very good to see a resource like movemeon online – many job sites advertise hundreds of jobs, but the quality of the listings is low (both in terms of response rate and quality of job listed). Movemeon, on the other hand, does well in both. Highly recommend this service!”

– Stas moved from his role as Head of BI, Analytics & Customer Lifetime Management at Naspers to be the Product Director at Gartner


“Some friends, my wife, and I went out in Philadelphia on Labor Day weekend to an Irish pub called Fado. We had both drinks and food, and it was great to catch up with people from the city where I attended business school.” 

Movemeon picked up the bill and helped Stas and his friends celebrate. (If you are interested here  are celebrations of other (ex-)consultants who landed jobs through movemeon.


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