Success Story – Senior Consultant, CIL

Founded in 1986, CIL is an independent management consultancy. They provide evidence-based advice to assist our clients to grow their business, manage risk and make investment decisions.

CIL advertised on movemeon to hire a manager to help top-tier private equity firms acquire and grow market-leading businesses. Using movemeon, they found an ex-Capgemini consultant to fill the role. The original job description is shown below.


CIL is a UK-based boutique consulting firm with a market-leading position within its niche. Most of our engagements involve an M&A element, primarily to provide commercial due diligence for leading private equity firms. We also provide strategy consulting to a variety of companies, from global blue chips to the UK’s most successful smaller businesses.

Like all consulting firms, we are only as good as our people. In order to continue our strong growth we want to recruit other bright, motivated people whose strong academic and professional background fits that of our current employee group.
The Role:

CIL is looking for exceptional people to join our team as managers. If hired, you will manage teams and projects of all shapes and sizes. You will be expected to take significant responsibility from an early stage, working directly for a CIL partner and in a client-facing role from the outset. Your work will involve:

• Leading and conducting detailed, rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis

• Identifying and removing roadblocks in the research process for yourself and others in your team

• Working directly with clients that routinely demand the very highest standards.

You will also have the opportunity to support CIL’s internal functions – we are a lean, entrepreneurial organisation, allowing you to lead programmes in different internal functions and get first-hand experience of how businesses really work. You will also swiftly take on the role of being a career counsellor for CIL analysts, conducting twice-yearly reviews.

Although you will need to travel, most of our work is in the UK and conducted in our own offices. You won’t spend every Sunday evening packing your suitcase for another week living in a hotel!
What CIL people are like:

We have a team of 50 highly qualified, highly skilled people. We are the opposite of a monoculture. However, successful CIL people do share some key attributes:

• Strong academic background (mix of arts and sciences) from a world class university

• Intellectual horsepower and curiosity

• Motivation and ambition, able to stand on their own two feet

• Strong team working and people skills

• Outstanding numeracy, business writing and verbal communication skills

• A keen sense of humour and broad shoulders.

Although the project teams we work in are structured to make project management easier, we are socially very equal, lively and inclusive. There are no corner offices, no private fiefdoms, no cliques – we work in open-plan offices and are not political. We think ‘a culture’ is something larger firms have to invent. Ours is the product of the individuals we employ. We are supportive, non-hierarchical, hard-working, unpretentious and direct. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and tend to tease those that do.

Here’s what some of our recent joiners have to say about us:

After graduating from Durham and working in strategic management for two years, I joined CIL looking for a consultancy that would offer fantastic exposure to investor clients as well as a supportive environment in which to develop my technical skills. CIL is definitely the place to find both, and I really enjoy working somewhere with a constant buzz around the office.” – James, Consultant

Joining CIL has given me the opportunity to build on experience I’ve had in both corporate finance and investment. Having started my career in corporate finance and then moved over to the investment side, CIL’s focus on working with management teams and investors has given me the opportunity to build upon this experience whilst also offering new challenges. For a whole heap of reasons, I wanted to live outside of London but still do ‘city’ type work. CIL’s South West office neatly ticks this box.” – James S, Senior Consultant
What CIL will offer you:

Despite our small size we are the leading provider of CDD in the UK. We work on between 50 and 80 assignments every year. This provides:

• Broad exposure to a wide array of industries and business problems

• Opportunity to work closely with some of the UK’s most successful management teams and private equity firms

• Fantastic business education

• Supportive, enjoyable and sociable working environment

• An attractive package: we believe in rewarding good individual and company

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