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Can Do! advertised on Movemeon looking for a Project Manager to join the mission-driven venture incubator founded by a leading entrepreneur tackling society’s biggest issues on a global scale

The successful candidate is an Oxford alumni with experience in due diligence on social enterprises and worked directly for ex-CFO of Google at a VC.

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An in-depth description of the role

CanDo is a small team of optimists trying to crack big social problems. We’re a venture incubator who identify, test and scale mission-driven commercial and not-for-profit ideas. CanDo was created in 2019 by George Bevis, an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of Tide. We work globally from London. CanDo’s mission is to develop, test and scale ideas which improve the world. They always need to have a social purpose, otherwise, there’s no point. They also need to be scalable, otherwise, our time would be better spent on ideas which matter more. Within those constraints, we’ll consider almost anything. Currently, some of the questions we’re examining include: – Can the UK’s 30m unoccupied spare bedrooms contribute to addressing the housing crisis? – Can older people’s lives be made easier by doing their life-admin for them? – Can loneliness-reduction strategies scale? – What would it take to improve the quality of leadership in developing countries? – Why aren’t the skills of refugees in demand around the world? – Can modern technology be made easier for older people to use? … and about 20 more.

The role

Project managers at CanDo are at the core of what we do.

You will:

  • Research a range of social issues, summarising available data and suggesting innovations
  • Work with the team to develop plans for testing innovative ideas
  • Project manage execution of those ideas, including performing a lot of early execution yourself
  • Participate in an external discussion about research relating to our projects
  • For example, one of the first projects you will work on is an initiative designed to have a material impact on the housing crisis by encouraging homeowners to take lodgers. You can expect to work on several different projects in your time at CanDo: sometimes more than one at a time.

The person

  • 1-5 years professional experience in a highly analytical role (strategy consulting, banking or similar)
  • Studied at a global top tier university
  • Upbeat attitude, willing to perform a wide range of senior and junior tasks – whatever is required to deliver the mission
  • Experience teaches us that the best project managers are very talented, rather than very knowledgeable. As a result we do not need you to have relevant career experience or any domain knowledge – but we do need a highly flexible mind.


The primary reason for taking this role is the opportunity to learn best-practice entrepreneurship working on important, exciting problems – but we do realise you need to be paid too. Salary will be £35k-£50k depending on experience, plus profit-share of up to £20k per annum.

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