Chief of Staff to CEO

ALX advertised on Movemeon for a Chief of Staff to CEO to work with one of Time 100’s most influential people for innovative ecosystems.

The successful candidate previously worked at Orphoz, a McKinsey company.


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ABOUT ALX As the most innovative company in Africa, we are catalysing the transformation of the continent by empowering its biggest untapped resource — its people. ALX is a Leadership Development Platform that is expanding rapidly across Africa – towards the ambitious goal of developing 3 million leaders who will tackle the challenges and capture the opportunities of the continent. These leaders will transform Africa and create opportunities for millions. We are a bold innovation in talent and leadership development. ALX merges lifelong learning and development with a purpose-led community, innovation ecosystems and venture incubation. Our goal is to become the gathering place for the top 5% of leadership talent across hundreds of cities in Africa and around the world.  YOU WILL LOVE ALX IF: You believe… 

  • Culture is at the heart of everything 
  • Scale can enhance quality (not reduce it) 
  • It’s better to fail trying to achieve something extraordinary than succeeding at something ordinary 
  • Traditional models of learning need to be disrupted 
  • Education ventures can and should aim to make a profit to be sustainable and have bigger impact 
  • Africa will prosper by adopting a global mindset that attracts investment and ideas from around the world 

FROM THE CEO – FRED SWANIKER I am looking for a Chief of Staff to join my team. This person should have up to 2-3 years of management consulting or investment banking experience and will serve as my right-hand person. In this fast-paced, dynamic role, the Chief of Staff will get first-hand exposure of what it takes to lead a rapidly growing global venture. Last year, our company was listed as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world (by Fast Company), and I was recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in the world (by Time Magazine). Our goal is to develop 3 million leaders in Africa by 2035. Interested candidates can learn more about me and my work from this interview I recently gave to Time Magazine. This is a great role pre-business school. We have an excellent track record of getting folks into the top business schools with 3 of my staff entering the Stanford MBA class this fall.?? As an organization we have decided to operate 100% remotely (even after the pandemic), so you can work in this role from anywhere in the world. However, the ideal preference would be for the Chief of staff to be based in Europe, the Middle East or African time zone.

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