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eConsult advertised on Movemeon for a Product Manager to join the high growth health tech scaleup & lead vision, strategy & execution of new products.

eConsult hired x2 consultants with over 8 years of experience in product management.

sabah client success manager

This company was supported by Sabah, Client Success Manager.

The covid outbreak has brought health tech right into the spotlight. With rapid adoption of remote medicine, growing acceptance by patients & clinicians, and the NHS England drive to reach 100% penetration of GP pracs with remote consultation technology, it’s a time of massive growth in our industry. Having rapidly grown a team of 60 over the past 2 years, we plan to continue that growth trajectory by launching new products, consolidating adoption of our existing ones and exploring international expansion.

An in-depth description of the role

The role

We are a high growth tech company focused on delivering technology solutions within healthcare. We have grown into a team of 60 within just 2 years and plan to continue expanding at a similar pace. So it’s a great time to get involved!

Currently, eConsult is the UK’s most widely used solution for online consultation by GPs. More recently, we have launched eTriage for Urgent and Emergency care departments to quickly and safely book in, triage and signpost patients to the right care.

As our growth continues, we will continue to expand our product offering and are looking for 2 Product Managers to report to the CEO and drive the vision, strategy and execution. We would welcome applications both from candidates already in Product Manager roles and also candidates not yet in a Product Manager role but looking to transition into one using their transferable skills (e.g, from a digital-focused consulting role).


A challenging and highly cross-functional role with tasks spanning the commercial and technical spectrum. We are looking for multiple product managers, but across the roles, responsibilities will include:

  • Building a deep understanding of customers’ needs.
  • Defining our competitive positioning and keeping on top of broader industry developments.
  • Developing a vision for the direction of the product.
  • Tracking progress, assessing our impact and driving delivery.
  • Leading communication with the rest of the business and working with marketing to document our capabilities.
  • Nurturing strong relationships with internal stakeholders across the commercial, marketing, clinical and operations teams

Duties and responsibilities

  • Domain mastery: Maintaining a deep understanding of 1. our users’ needs, 2. eConsult’s business goals and operational constraints and 3. the technologies we can use to build our solution 
  • Optimised delivery through ruthless prioritisation: Making smart decisions about what to build, what to say “no” to and how to sequence the roadmap: 1. Evidence-based decision making that balances the needs of our customers and stakeholders and 2. Can influence and negotiate with internal stakeholders to get buy-in
  • Impactful product releases: should prioritise releasing value early and often, with one eye on sales opportunities and another on longer-term scalability: 1. Small releases, like new features, achieve their pre-defined success metrics (some iteration may be required) or are removed to avoid “feature bloat” and 2. Significant releases, like launching new products or in new markets, also achieve their success metrics through close collaboration with all relevant business functions (e.g. Sales and Marketing)
  • Cross-team relationships
  • Superior user satisfaction: Going beyond simply delivering products that functionally address core user needs and instead, ensuring that eConsult experiences are of high quality from first use and drive deep user engagement, delight and reliance

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