Founder & CEO

fram^ helps develop digital business more efficiently, powered by Vietnamese digital top talents.

They advertised on movemeon for a Founder & CEO. The successful movemeon member previously worked at McKinsey & Company.


  • Get-the-job-done-mentality
  • Leadership experience
  • Able to face daily failures while constantly reiterating to make things work

In case you are interested, here’s the full job description:

About fram^

At fram^ we create, develop and digitalise companies. What sets us apart from most other early-stage investors and company builders is our relentless focus on profitability – we are firm believers that great early-stage companies do not have to sacrifice profitability for growth. We have established a methodology of company building where all our ventures must reach significant revenues within 6 months from launch and establish profitability within 24 months from launch. Every venture is researched in-depth and passes a rigorous investment committee.

fram^ currently has  9 ventures in its investment portfolio:

  • Carmudi Vietnam – leading car classified site in Vietnam (acquired from Rocket Internet in 2017 )
  • SmartBuddy Vietnam – price comparison website for finance and insurance products
  • SmartBuddy Sri Lanka – price comparison website for finance and insurance products
  • Nordic Coder – A coding academy equipping Vietnamese engineers with the necessary tools to conquer the increasingly challenging international work environment
  • Giftup – A digital voucher and employment benefits venture (in Vietnam and Sri Lanka)
  • Lasluz – A digital platform connecting the best tutors with students in Vietnam
  • “Credito”  – A venture specialized in providing capital to small companies typically excluded from the traditional lending
  • “DOOL” – A real estate classified site in Vietnam

Leveraging our unique mix of the leadership’s long track record of successful company building, our world-class in-house IT-engineering talent pool, as well as the cost efficient landscape of South East Asia – we have established a proven platform for making our tough targets materialise. The management, board and investment committee of fram^ has over six decades of joint experience of starting, running and growing successful companies in emerging markets. Together we will be building the next digital industry leaders in the emerging economies of South East Asia!

Candidate profile

  • Get-the-job-done-mentality
  • Leadership experience
  • Able to face daily failures while constantly reiterating to make things work
  • Experience from fast-paced environments
  • Work independently and be resourceful
  • You should be an all-rounder willing to roll your sleeves up across all aspects of the business

Nice to have

  • Demonstrated track record in scaling companies, projects or products
    Experience from emerging markets

What you get

  • A proven methodology for establishing and growing an emerging market venture from scratch
  • A proven business model
  • Technical infrastructure and top calibre supervision
  • Exciting work location (visa will be provided)
  • Generous shares in your venture as well as a salary of approx. 60k USD (which goes a very long way in South East Asia)
  • Never ever a boring day
  • You will have the opportunity to impact millions of people’s lives

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